Buying 'American' Still Valued, But Can Be Confusing for Consumers

Being manufactured in the United States is clearly the top factor in being considered an "American" product, with three-​fourths of Americans (75%) agreeing that "A product needs to be manufactured within the U.S. for me to consider it 'American'.," according to a recent survey. This puts domestic manufacture ahead of the importance of being from a U.S. company, being made from American parts, or being American designed. AmericanFlag

  • Roughly half of U.S. adults agree that "A product needs to be made by a U.S. company for me to consider it 'American'" (52%) and that "A product needs to be made from parts produced in the U.S. for me to consider it 'American'" (47%).
  • Only one-​fourth of Americans (25%) agree that "A product needs to be designed by an American for me to consider it 'American'."

The majority of Americans indicate feeling that it is either "very important" or "important" to "buy American" for the product types tested, with the strongest such feelings expressed for major appliances (75%), furniture (74%), clothing (72%), small appliances (71%), and automobiles (70%), according to The Harris Poll.

  • Perceived importance of buying American products increases with age across all categories; 18–35 year olds place the least importance on the practice, those 48 and older place the most.
  • Additionally, women are more likely than men to indicate that it is either "very important" or "important" to buy American in most categories.


Based on the results of a new survey from Home Channel News (HCN), you can expect more Made-​in-​USA marketing in the weeks and months to come.  Among all respondents to the "Made in USA" survey from HCN, 61.5% either “agree” or “strongly agree” that their company intends to more aggressively promote the fact that their products are Made in the USA.

Here’s the drill-​down showing responses from only those respondents self-​described as “Made in USA manufacturer:”
• Strongly disagree: 4.0%
• Disagree: 2.8%
• Neutral: 12.0%
• Agree: 26.3%
• Strongly agree: 55.0%

Clearly, the overall industry believes retailers can do more than they’re already doing to promote the Made-​in-​USA movement.

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