SalesFuel COACH Candidate ProfilesCandidates often look very good on paper, and particularly in sales. They can even “perform” well in an interview, but you may never see that performance again. Reduce the risk of hiring a ‘sales imposter’ or, worse yet, the job-toxic candidate who drags down the rest of your sales team. Add another ‘set of eyes’ with the Candidate Profiles feature of SalesFuel COACH.

SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles are sales-specific and easy to understand. The SalesFuel COACH platform maintains the candidate pipeline enabling comparison to top performers in your company and poor-performing alumni. You can then seamlessly move your new hire from candidate assessment to coaching, all in one platform.

SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles stack the deck in your favor when hiring for sales

  • Reveals the true identity of the candidate through multiple assessments

    Using one of the top three sales assessment systems in the world, Candidate Profiles will reveal applicant capabilities in closing, prospecting, discovery, matching problems with solutions and more. Candidate Profiles not only evaluates them across key sales criteria, but also incorporates elusive attributes including positivity, motivation and resiliency – key indicators of future sales success.

  • Alerts sales managers about what to watch for during the hiring process

    Candidate Profiles not only highlights the strengths of the candidate but also specific potential problem areas. Areas of Concern indicates intense behavioral tendencies that adversely affect decision-making and performance. They even coach the hiring manager with interview questions based on the candidate’s profile.

  • EXCLUSIVE Toxicity Indexing warns of potential damage to the sales team

    Toxic salespeople not only eat up the manager’s time and poison others, they’re hard to get rid of! Created by SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith and behavioral mastermind Steven Sisler of Behavioral Resource Group, SalesFuel COACH compares the candidate’s profile to the Unlucky 13 Job-toxic Personality Types most common among destructive salespeople and indicates potential risk.

More about the Unlucky 13 Job-Toxic Personality Types

Candidate Profiles are available through the SalesFuel COACH platform and SalesFuel Consulting