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Nearly 40% of Recent Hospital, Urgent Care Patients Influenced by Social Media

Social media influenced nearly 40% of recent hospital or urgent care center patients, with 25 to 34 year olds reporting the most influence (53.2%), according to the Spring 2009 Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice survey.

Google: 5 Trends that Shape Digital Marketing Today

Whenever and wherever our Google overlords speak, I get my butt in that room and listen. They seem to know way more about me than I’m comfortable with, so I’m going to learn all I can about them.

Four Steps to A Sale

If you had to separate the sales process into four steps, how would it look?

Make the Most of Your Time

The author of a recent article on AllBusiness​.com makes a wise observation in his first line: "The person who coined the phrase ‘time is money,' must have been a sales rep paid on commission."

LookaBooka — Are Hybrid Web Sites the New, New Thing?

As social networking sites look for the new ways to generate revenue, an alternate business model is building strength.

Tweet Me Right: Mastering Social Networking

Does your agency Twitter? Or have a Facebook profile? If not, your agency could be missing out on a lot of free and far-reaching promotion, networking opportunities, and chances to build strong professional relationships.

Boost Agency Buzz with Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be a powerful new business development tool for advertising agencies.

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Pay Attention

Whether making a cold call or leaving a voicemail for a client, make sure you're giving it your full attention.

Should Your Clients Market on Social Networking Sites?

Though some industry experts have concerns about the longevity of social networking sites because of revenue streams, consumers of all ages are spending more time visiting them.

These sites garnered nearly 20% of all visits by Internet users in January 2007 but that percentage dropped to about 14% by February of 2008.

Kathy Crosett November 24, 2008 Digital+Technology

Build Business Online

With more marketers considering online tools to grow sales, your agency should consider how it's reaching out to prospects on the Internet.

Digital Out-Of-Home Marketing Still Growing Rapidly

If there's one bright spot in the 2008 marketing picture, it's digital out-of-home (OOH) marketing. This category includes digital billboards as well as video ads displayed in malls and stores.

Kathy Crosett November 12, 2008 Digital+Technology

Latest Statistics Point to Significant Consumption of Single Form Media

Despite the general impression that consumers are constantly multitasking during work and leisure time, Mediamark Research and Intelligence reports a few statistics that suggest otherwise. At least half of our media time is spent engaging with a single form.

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