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Marketers May Soon by Targeting Consumers by Mobile Device Type

As the use of mobile devices proliferates, it’s only logical for marketers to consider whether unique demographics are associated with a specific phone or PDA. San Francisco-based ad agency Greystripe recently studied this topic as their analysts looked for differences between iPhone and iPod Touch users. Their findings shed light on how marketers may distribute their ad budgets in the future.

SMBs Shifting More Marketing Resources Online

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) may be among the last group to shift their advertising from traditional media outlets to the online format. But this shift has finally started. Kelsey Group reports that just over 3 out of 4 SMBs are now using some form of online advertising. And, in the last year, nearly 7 out of 10 SMBs also reported that they are decreasing their use of traditional media for advertising.

CPG Marketers May Shift Resources Online

CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies have long relied on TV campaigns to brand their products but the findings of a recent comScore dunnhumbyUSA study indicate that online advertising is also an effective way to increase sales. The researchers analyzed consumer behavior when it came to purchasing a large group of products ranging from cookie mixes to pasta to toothpaste.

Marketers May Decrease the Digital Focus on Teens

Every few months, the latest, hottest digital application comes online and gurus pronounce it will be the ad industry’s salvation, or at the very least, the only way to reach teen buyers. Not so fast – according to an August 2009 report in EPM Communications Youth Market Alert. The report points out that today’s headlines focus on outliers and these headlines would have us believe that all teens spend all day online.

Online Retailers to Shift Marketing Focus

As online retailers look ahead, many predict continued softness in revenues for the next 12 months. Last month, we highlighted how online retailers plan to tweak their Web sites to make their offerings and checkout processes more appealing to shoppers. This information was based on’s most recent report which also included findings on how online retailers plan to up the number of visitors to their Web sites.

Online Video Ad Market Predicted to Quadruple by 2013

More people are watching online video which means that the online video ad market is set to grow. eMarketer analysts predict the current market value for this sector will quadruple to $4 billion by 2013. But disparities remain between the rates marketers will pay for online video versus television ads.

Digital Out-of-Home Alternative Advertising Forecasted to Expand

Digital out-of-home advertising totaled $2.43 billion in 2008. PQ Media predicts that this figure will rise via a 12.9% compound annual growth rate during the next 4 years. Many advertisers think of traditional billboards as standard out-of-home marketing but digital technology has changed the industry. Alternative out-of-home advertising includes a wide range of forms such as video screens, digital displays and ambient advertising.

Manufacturer Web Sites to Increasingly Serve as Marketing Tools

Early this week I highlighted a study that revealed the fast march by manufacturers to move their marketing online. One part of this effort includes spending more money on Web sites. A Channel Intelligence Inc. and Forrester Research Inc. survey indicates that while consumers do purchase products at manufacturer Web sites, this channel has the potential to rise as a marketing tool.

Local E‑Mail Marketing Set to Grow; Direct Mail to Drop

Direct mail marketing, long a favorite of both B‑2-C and B‑2-B advertisers, may experience a drop of as much as 39% between 2008 and 2013. A study from Borrell Associates concludes that within the next 4 years, the industry’s value could be as low as $29.8 billion. Why this large shift?

Manufacturers Plan to Shift Marketing Focus to Online

Profitability for manufacturers is as elusive as it is for other business sectors this year. The GlobalSpec 2009 Marketing Trends survey found that 68% of manufacturing concerns expect a sales decrease in 2009. To address the problem, many CEOs are planning changes to their marketing budgets and strategies.

Marketing to the C‑Level Shifting Online

Businesses that market to C‑level executives may be shifting more of their budgets to online forms of communications in order to reach this group of decision makers. The results of the most recent Gartner-Forbes C‑Level Executive Study indicates that these professionals are increasing the amount of time they spend online and with mobile devices.

Half of Advertisers Believe Twitter is Effective Marketing Tool

If a company wants to market effectively to a younger audience, tweeting the message via Twitter might just do the trick. It seems like the buzz about Twitter is increasing but media industry analysts can’t agree on whether this service has already had its 15 minutes of fame or whether it will become a major tool in the online marketing arsenal. The continuing debate prompted LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll to survey advertisers and consumers on the topic.

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