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What the Drop in B to B Ad Spending Means

The top 100 BtoB advertisers spent an estimated $6.05 billion trying to reach businesses with their messages last year. That spending represents nearly half of the total $12.95BtoB ad spending for 2007. [These figures do not include search, direct mail or email.]

Kathy Crosett September 22, 2008 Digital+Technology

Podcasts as a B to C Marketing Tool

Does podcasting work? Is anyone out there listening? These may be the questions that your clients ask as you develop a media mix for them. Nobody has all of the answers but a quick review of the recent findings from the Pew Internet & American Life Project might help.

Kathy Crosett September 17, 2008 Digital+Technology

Improving Your Email Marketing Results

If you're designing email campaigns for your clients, it might help to benchmark your practices against the industry standards. Keeping track of the latest email trends and updating your strategy will help your emails reach the intended audience and increase the likelihood that the target will read and respond to your message.

2008 Giving Trends and Your Nonprofit Accounts

If your nonprofit accounts are looking for demographic data and information on the best way to reach consumers, check out the recently released DonorPulse survey.

Here's a profile of the typical consumer who donates to charitable organizations:

Kathy Crosett September 4, 2008 Digital+Technology

The Increasing Influence of Online Local Advertising

As more content providers shift to an online presence, agencies and advertisers may find it challenging to determine where to spend their online budgets. One way to effectively spend these funds is to determine which types of sites most often prompt viewers to take action as a result of the online ads they see.

Free-Standing Insert Coupons and Your Clients

Should you add FSI coupons to the media mix for your clients? This medium has long been used to induce consumers to try new products and in the first part of 2008, 129 billion FSI coupons were distributed to consumers via Sunday newspapers. By sector, here's how the distribution broke out:

Effective Business Building for Realtors

Is there a way to improve business results for realtors in this strained housing market? Baylor University professor Dr. Chris Pullig published a study that indicates lead generation activity is key.

Using Radio to Reach Voters

Media reports have emphasized the importance of TV and online marketing in the political arena. Should your political clients spend money on other traditional forms of media such as radio?

Effectiveness of 15 Second Spots in Outdoor Advertising

Video capability continues to expand its reach to more out-of-home locations and consumers are increasingly viewing short videos in locations such as gas pumps. But are these short videos effective?

B to B Marketing to the C Level

If you’re trying to help your clients grab the attention of C‑level executives who run the nation’s largest companies, the recent Ipsos MediaCT release tells you where to make media buys.

Trends in Integrated Direct Marketing

Off-line tactics remain the workhorses of the direct marketing industry but change is in the wind. The Direct Marketing Association’s recent study shows that email use has risen to second place in the list of most frequently used direct marketing tools.

The Reach of Local Alternative Publications

Whether it’s online or offline, consumers regularly access local sources for local news. In many cases, this includes alternative weeklies. A recent Media Audit report noted that many of these newspaper publications enjoy at least a 30% penetration rate.

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