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B to B Marketing to the C Level

If you’re trying to help your clients grab the attention of C‑level executives who run the nation’s largest companies, the recent Ipsos MediaCT release tells you where to make media buys.

Trends in Integrated Direct Marketing

Off-line tactics remain the workhorses of the direct marketing industry but change is in the wind. The Direct Marketing Association’s recent study shows that email use has risen to second place in the list of most frequently used direct marketing tools.

The Reach of Local Alternative Publications

Whether it’s online or offline, consumers regularly access local sources for local news. In many cases, this includes alternative weeklies. A recent Media Audit report noted that many of these newspaper publications enjoy at least a 30% penetration rate.

Helping Your Candidates Reach Voters

As the election season heats up, political candidates need all the help they can get to reach potential voters. While newspapers and TV serve as staples of election season ad spending, don’t overlook other forms of media – especially out of home.

Magazine Ads and Consumer Attention

Is advertising in magazines a good bet for your clients? Research indicates that one-third of all magazines in the US target consumers. Of the 6,734 consumer magazines currently being published, 5,950 have websites. While between 80 and 90% of US adults read magazines, an average of 11 titles each month, the reading is increasingly being done online.

Online Ad Trends

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, reports that consumer-related advertising accounts for just over half of online ad revenues. Here are the leaders by industry:

Purchasing Major Appliances Online

With consumers increasingly going online to research and purchase everything from prescription medications to automobiles, it should come as no surprise that shoppers are now purchasing major appliances and furniture online. The percentage of consumers who purchase these items online after researching them now stands at 31%.

Trends in Auto Advertising

Many media companies have noticed the shift to digital advertising on the part of auto manufacturers. A quick review of GM’s plans shows exactly how crucial online marketing has become. A recent Advertising Age article points out:

Eyeglasses as Fashion Accessories and More

While some consumer segments spend money on corrective eye surgery or contact lenses in order to avoid wearing glasses, other groups are spending on the latest fashion trend – eyeglasses as accessories. Recent reports indicate rapid growth in the sales of fashion eyewear

B‑to‑B Direct Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Consumers can’t help but notice the rise in direct marketing from pharmaceutical concerns and this form of marketing is effective. The Direct Marketing Association reports a 10 to 1 return on investment when it comes to direct marketing in this industry. Specifically, the association has tracked the expenditure of $1 billion in directly marketing expense to $10 billion in higher sales. The interesting detail is these expenditures don’t only occur in the b‑to‑c segment.

Acquiring and Keeping Online Customers

The widely reported 17% increase in 2008 online sales will be driven, to some extent, by the right kinds of marketing. How are online retailers spending their marketing budgets? A recent report by Shop​.org indicates that retailers are allocating some of their budgets as follows:

Consumer Online Activity Means Auto Insurance Opportunities

Consumers continue to seek for auto insurance quotes online. comScore notes a total increase of 15% between 2006 and 2007 which means at least 32,000,000 consumers consider online resources for this activity. To capture a share of this market, your clients need an effective online campaign. Is one form of online marketing more effective than another?

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