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Charitable Donations on the Rise

In 2013, U.S. consumers gave $240.6 billion in charitable donations. A report from Giving USA notes that, across the U.S., charitable giving rose in the past year and is nearly equivalent to the amount that was donated before the recession started. This generosity suggests that consumers, foundations and other giving organizations are feeling more comfortable about the economy in general and will continue to increase their contributions.

Brides and Grooms Hold to Favorite Traditions

Looking at both the road to the wedding and the big day itself, do Americans still feel the hopefully-happy couple should hold to the traditions and big to-do's associated with saying "I do?" As it turns out, many traditions still curry strong favor among U.S. adults. Americans are more split on others like those that involve technology. These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,300 adults surveyed online between April 16 and 21, 2014.

More Dads Staying Home with Kids

With Father’s Day just behind us, now is a good time to consider the impact of dads on their kids’ lives. Pew Research is out with a new report about the growing trend of dads who are not working outside the home. The number of dads staying home with their kids has risen dramatically and these men comprise an important audience for marketers to reach.

Hispanic Consumers Represent Opportunity for Health & Wellness Companies

More than 10 million Hispanics are eligible to gain health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, representing unparalleled opportunity for businesses aiming to succeed in the emerging health economy focused on delivering consumer-centered care, according to a new report. Respecting the cultural and consumer preferences that differentiate Hispanic consumers will be critical for companies looking to build trust and market share among the Hispanic population.

Museum Visits Linked to Improved Critical Thinking Skills

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. As schools close for summer break, museums will be appealing to parents and organizations like day camps, to increase traffic and promote learning of a different kind. The Educational Value of Field Trips, a study published in Education Next by Jay Greene, a professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas, shows the positive impact of an art museum visit on a child. These field trips improve a child’s critical thinking and also increase the likelihood that the child will return to the museum, often with family members.

Shoppers Seeking More Personalized Connection with Grocers

As consumers continue to demand more from retailers, the grocery industry should adapt and provide targeted shopping experiences tailored to specific consumer needs and changing demographics, according to a new report from PwC. While online channels may not become a common way to buy groceries in the near future, technology will still play a major role in the evolving grocery experience.

Online Sales of Women's Accessories On The Rise

U.S. online sales for women’s accessories grew 7%, to 7.1 billion, in the 12 months ending March 2014, according to The NPD Group. While website purchases represented only 19% of the total $37.4 billion women’s accessories market, the performance of online sales was a bright spot for the industry, which remained flat during the same period. Three out of the seven accessories categories experienced double-digit dollar sales gains online during the period.

Shoppers to Spend Average of $113 on Gifts for Father's Day

According a new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average person will spend $113.80 on neckties, tools, electronics and other special gifts for dad this year. Father's Day shoppers will look for gifts at a variety of locations, including discount stores (28.1%), online (28.4%) and specialty stores (24.2%); 16.6% say they plan to support their communities and shop at a local or small business to find gift items for dad.

M‑Commerce to Account for More Than Half of Online Sales by 2018

Sales made through mobile phones and tablets are just beginning to have an impact on e‑commerce, however, those transactions are expected to reach $293 billion by 2018, or approximately 54% of all online sales. Tablets are expected to drive $219 billion of those purchases, and smartphones $74 billion. And by the end of this year, combined tablet and mobile sales are expected to total $114 billion, powered by media products, clothing and consumer electronics.

Innovation, Variety Keeps Coffee Drinkers Coming Back

Coffee innovation continues to help a very mature market grow new usage occasions and higher price points. Restaurant operators target savvy coffee drinkers with seasonal flavors like mint and pumpkin, as well as a growing stream of limited-time coffee and coffee drink selections. Retail coffee manufacturers are also embracing variety, and are seeking to deliver a more unique beverage to the customer that can help justify a higher price point.

Majority of Shoppers Spending Less by Switching to Store Brands

Seven in 10 shoppers (71%) say they’re spending less on food, beverage and household goods by choosing store brands, but don’t feel like they’re sacrificing much. In fact, only 31% of brands are considered a “must have” — one that shoppers would buy whether on sale or not, according to a new study by Deloitte. Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) respondents say they have found several store brands that are just as good as national brands.

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