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1/3 Order Wine More Often

Wine in restaurants and bars is challenged by myriad brands but consumers are more engaged, Technomic reports. Wine sales on-premise benefit from balancing familiar and new selections and helping consumers easily navigate the offerings. One-third report ordering wine more often in restaurants and bars.

22% Set Goals to Get New Jobs this Year

Sacramento tops large counties in employment growth rate. The information sector posted fastest job growth. Sacramento was followed by two Texas counties: Travis (up 4.9% to 514,749) and Harris (up 4.7% to 2 million). Annual payroll in Sacramento rose 9.9% to $20.9 billion for the same period.

Airport Dining Soars to New Heights

The same trends impacting the broader restaurant marketplace have made their way past airport security into food courts and terminals across the country. Travelers can now find locally sourced, freshly prepared, chef-inspired dishes at just about any major domestic airport.

47% to Take Multi-Gen Family Trips

An AARP survey finds 47% of people 45-plus plan to take a multi-generational family trip within a year. 98% of multi-generational travelers are highly satisfied by taking trips with parents, kids & grandparents. Multi-generational family vacations are trips that include 3 generations or more, vacationing together.

36% Think Their Home is Disorganized

In anticipation of Spring cleaning, The National Association of Professional Organizers and Decluttr unveil how disorganized Americans feel in their own homes. The survey finds 36% of American homeowners think at least half of their home is disorganized.

8 Flavor Trends Foodies Fight For

McCormick & Company released its McCormick Flavor Forecastå¨ Reveals Eight Flavor Trends For 2015, highlighting 8 trends that will shape the future of flavor. The report drives flavor innovation and exploration throughout the food industry and in kitchens everywhere.

Start Marketing to Overlooked Asian Consumers

Advertisers are not taking full advantage of the opportunities of marketing to Asian-Americans, according to There‰Ûªs Room for More Asian Marketing. Asian-Americans love smartphones and social media.

More Consumers Resolve to Get Organized in 2015

The home organization product industry is expanding. Fueled by the growing economy, consumers have more money to spend on organizing systems for their homes, closets and garages. Industry interest has also been spurred by innovative and effective marketing campaigns.

Best of 2014: "Selfies" Trend Creating Demand for Cosmetic Surgery

The rise of 'selfies' is having a huge impact on the facial plastic surgery industry according to a new study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).  The study revealed that one in three facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests for procedures due to patients being more self

Bourbon and Scotch to Drive 2015 On-Premise Sales

According to new research from Technomic, beer continues to be the largest category for on-premise adult beverage sales. While consumers will be looking for craft beer and cider in 2015, growth rates of wine and liquor will be stronger than for the beer category. Restaurants and bars are advised to offer a diverse adult beverage menu to help boost sales.

Personality Type Linked to Poker Players' Success

Poker players are key contributors to the bottom line at most casinos. On the other hand, poker players are intent on winning when they set out for a night of gaming. They enjoy beating the other players and beating the house. Do the most successful poker players share personality traits?

Hotels Upgrading to Court Female Travelers

Now that travelers are on the road again, they're booking hotel rooms. When consumers are seeking accommodations, they're hoping for a good night's sleep. According to a Huno​.com survey, women say a clean room makes the difference while men want to deal with experienced staff.

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