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Understanding the Demographics of Super Buyers

Of the thousands of products launched every year, only a few find success. Researchers spend countless hours and dollars trying to determine what accounts for success. Factors include product design and whether it fills a need. Success can also be linked to packaging and effective marketing campaigns.

Kathy Crosett June 5, 2008 Media Usage

Life Insurance Statistics Mean Agency Opportunity

If your insurance agent clients are looking for ways to sell more life insurance to consumers, consider the information uncovered by a recent Ipsos poll.

Kathy Crosett June 2, 2008 Media Usage

Demographics of Hispanic women

As you work with clients to sell to emerging majorities, keep in mind that 2/3’s of Hispanic population growth comes through birth rather than immigration. With Hispanics now comprising 15% of the total population, marketers and agencies should craft campaigns targeting this demographic. However, key differences exist between native-born and immigrant Hispanic women:

Kathy Crosett May 23, 2008 Media Usage

Understanding Baby Boomer Demographics

If your clients insist on marketing to the 77 million members of the Baby Boom generation with one stroke of the same brush, they are missing a key opportunity to increase sales. This generation includes consumers who range from 44 to 62 years old.

Here are three of the top 10 myths (debunked) about this generation:

The Value of the Testimonial

How are you at asking your current clients for a testimonial? Is it something that you are able to do without hesitation, or does it make you uncomfortable? I think it goes without saying that conventional logic states that the testimonial is one of the most powerful tools available when you’re out hunting down new

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