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Volume of Newly Launched Products Means Agency Opportunity

Of the 122,000 new consumer product goods introduced last year, just over 3% brought in sales exceeding $1 million. Here’s a list, ordered by category, containing the highest counts of newly introduced products in 2007:

Consumers’ New Beverage Preferences Mean Opportunity

The latest figures indicate that consumers continue to shun soft drinks. Industry sales at convenience stores and major retail centers dropped between 3–4% in this first quarter this year, echoing the sales slide that started nearly at decade ago. Manufacturers are trying to counter soft sales by offering the products in new packaging

Increase in Medical Travel Means Opportunity

AAA has noted an increased US consumer interest in international travel this year. Particularly popular destinations include India and China, especially with respect to the Summer Olympics. However, one consumer segment is not seeking entertainment but medical care.

Eyeglasses as Fashion Accessories and More

While some consumer segments spend money on corrective eye surgery or contact lenses in order to avoid wearing glasses, other groups are spending on the latest fashion trend – eyeglasses as accessories. Recent reports indicate rapid growth in the sales of fashion eyewear

GPS Growth Signals Agency Opportunities

Does it seem like everyone you know has a GPS system? ABI Research indicates that this industry could reach an annual market value of $240 billion within the next 5 years. While the consumer navigation systems and the need for constantly updated mapping services comprise a significant part of this market, growth will also occur in commercial applications such as delivery tracking and land surveying.

B‑to‑B Direct Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Consumers can’t help but notice the rise in direct marketing from pharmaceutical concerns and this form of marketing is effective. The Direct Marketing Association reports a 10 to 1 return on investment when it comes to direct marketing in this industry. Specifically, the association has tracked the expenditure of $1 billion in directly marketing expense to $10 billion in higher sales. The interesting detail is these expenditures don’t only occur in the b‑to‑c segment.

Nutritional Supplements Industry Growth Means Opportunity

Consumers are more than willing to spend money on nutritional supplements according to investment banking concern Mercanti Group. This $21.1 billion industry represents consumer efforts to maintain and improve health, often without the involvement of their health care professionals.

Understanding Baby Boomer Demographics

If your clients insist on marketing to the 77 million members of the Baby Boom generation with one stroke of the same brush, they are missing a key opportunity to increase sales. This generation includes consumers who range from 44 to 62 years old.

Here are three of the top 10 myths (debunked) about this generation:

Marketing Contractor Services for Best Results

Anyone who tried to hire a home maintenance or improvement contractor during the recent housing boom may have had a long wait. These days, contractors may find themselves facing a long wait for work as home remodeling and improvement expenditures are expected to decline through 2008.

What are the key factors that influence home owners when it comes to hiring a contractor? A recent survey provides a peek into the consumer mindset.

Need for Volunteer/Employee Screening at Nonprofits Means Opportunity

Between the ongoing threat of terrorist activity and high-profile reports of child abuse it would seem that all organizations need the services of employee screening services or private investigators who perform background checks. However, the recently published National Survey of Nonprofit Volunteer Screening Practices indicates that some organizations should be doing more to screen volunteers. Here are a few survey results:

Acquiring and Keeping Online Customers

The widely reported 17% increase in 2008 online sales will be driven, to some extent, by the right kinds of marketing. How are online retailers spending their marketing budgets? A recent report by Shop​.org indicates that retailers are allocating some of their budgets as follows:

Consumer Online Activity Means Auto Insurance Opportunities

Consumers continue to seek for auto insurance quotes online. comScore notes a total increase of 15% between 2006 and 2007 which means at least 32,000,000 consumers consider online resources for this activity. To capture a share of this market, your clients need an effective online campaign. Is one form of online marketing more effective than another?

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