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Who is Still Heavily Swayed by Newspapers, Radio and TV?

Have your clients given up on traditional media advertising? While it’s true that digital is streamrolling its way to the top of the advertisement food chain, traditional still sways particular audiences.

Rachel Cagle January 17, 2020 Media + Marketing

47% Of Auto Ad Budgets Allocated To Digital

Automotive sales in 2020 will slow a bit this year, but advertisers will try to convince consumers to purchase as they’ll spend 47% of auto ad budgets on digital. The National Auto Dealers Association predicts that U.S. automotive dealers will sell about 16.8 million vehicles in 2020.

Kathy Crosett January 16, 2020 Media + Marketing

Programmatic Digital Display is a Triumphant Underdog

Demand for programmatic advertising has skyrocketed over the past seven years.

Rachel Cagle January 15, 2020 Media + Marketing

AdMall Powers $337,000 Solar Sale

Chris Lambert, an Account Executive at KY3-TV, had been selling media for three years when he came upon a local solar company.

Why Your Clients Should Shift SEO Focus from SERP Position

Ever since consumers started using tools like Google to search online, marketers have obsessed about their SERP position. In today's digital universe, should your clients shift SEO focus?

Kathy Crosett January 13, 2020 Media + Marketing

The New Role for Agencies in 2020

There are four big categories of marketing spend (media, labor, agency and marketing technology) and every one of them experienced change last year.

Rachel Cagle January 10, 2020 Media + Marketing

Are Your Clients Suffering from Negative Brand Perceptions?

2019 was a rough year for many marketers. The CMO Council put together a telling infographic about the negative brand perceptions suffered by many well-known companies.

Your Clients Could be Using the Wrong Voice Search Keywords

Voice search keywords are crucial to your clients. Many, possibly you included, believe that voice search could be well on its way to becoming the most popular method to conduct searches via mobile device.

Marketers are Spending More on Online Display than TV

For the first time, according to WARC’s Television in the U.S. report, in 2019, marketers spent the same percentage of their advertising budget (27.6%) on online display as they did on television.

Using Social Media As A Lead Generation Tool

Are businesses successfully using social media as a lead generation tool? If so, how is that strategy working for them?

82% of Marketers Outsource Digital Marketing Projects

Are your clients having trouble staying current with the most effective digital marketing formats? It’s not easy to keep up with the latest tech-based changes.

Why Your Clients Should Optimize Online Reviews

In-person, word-of-mouth, references used to be the preferred way to check out a new business in town. Now, consumers rely on reviews.

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