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Is Direct Mail Still Worth It?

Even after a disappointing 2019, hope is renewed for direct mail in 2020.

Rachel Cagle February 5, 2020 Media + Marketing

Targeting Sports Fans (and Who Your Clients are Overlooking)

72% of sports fans say their home is their favorite place to watch sports. This is fantastic news for TV advertisers.

Rachel Cagle February 4, 2020 Media + Marketing

Have Your Clients Seen The Social Media Advertising Light?

Retailers have seen the social media advertising light. About half of retailers spend up to 50% of their ad budgets on social media.

Kathy Crosett February 3, 2020 Media + Marketing

Which Ad Formats Help Political Candidates Score Votes?

Do specific ad formats help political candidates generate votes? You may be hearing that question this year.

Kathy Crosett January 31, 2020 Media + Marketing

Your Clients Can Increase Sales by Promoting Convenience

Once upon a time, millennials loved to shop. Now retailers are trying to increase sales by promoting convenience.

Kathy Crosett January 30, 2020 Media + Marketing

When Should Your Client Consider a New Logo?

Your client’s logo is the face of their business. However, sometimes the first time around, your client may not have chosen the best design for their logo.

Rachel Cagle January 29, 2020 Media + Marketing

Dentsu: U.S. Ad Market to Grow 3.8% in 2020

What will the 2020 ad forecast market look like? Dentsu analysts expect the U.S. ad market to grow by 3.8%. Globally, cinema and digital will register strong gains.

Kathy Crosett January 27, 2020 Media + Marketing

50% of Marketers to Increase CTV Advertising This Year

Consumers continue to watch plenty of TV and that includes connected TV. That’s why so many marketers will increase CTV advertising this year.

Kathy Crosett January 24, 2020 Media + Marketing

Are Your Clients Reassuring Consumers About Their Use of Personal Data?

Marketer use of personal data will continue to be a hot topic in the ad industry this year. Part of the concern about data stems from consumers who want to know what’s happening with their personal information.

Kathy Crosett January 23, 2020 Media + Marketing

Radio is More Popular than Your Clients Think

How much time do you spend listening to traditional media on a weekly basis? If your total estimated time is under 11 hours and 51 minutes, the time you spend tuning in is below average.

Rachel Cagle January 22, 2020 Media + Marketing

AdMall Tool Helps Rep Score Wine & Liquor Store Sale

Stephen Bradley, Sales Director of The Ottawa Herald, loves selling digital to his clients. He calls it his “bread and butter.” So, when he approached a local wine and liquor store, he needed to do some digging to see if they were right for his style of sales.

How Your Clients Can Succeed in the Competitive App Market

Now that consumers have fully embraced apps, they’re set to spend $120 billion through this technology, globally, in 2020. Are your clients succeeding in the competitive app market?

Kathy Crosett January 20, 2020 Media + Marketing
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