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Where and When to Place Your Radio Ads

AM/FM radio reaches 93% of adults in the U.S. Here are some tips on how to reach a broad range of consumers.

Sell Smarter! Award Video Highlights 'AdMall Queen'

Comcast Spotlight Account Executive Lisa Stutzman has two CREDIT unions in her account pipeline she wanted to grow. Each institution has three locations in the Jackson, Mississippi market. One SPECIFICALLY wanted to position branches as better alternatives to TRADITIONAL banking.

Sagefrog: More B2B Companies Are Outsourcing Marketing Tasks

Did you know over 61% of B2B operators have no formal marketing plans? If your clients are hesitating to develop formal marketing plans, share the details of Sagefrog Marketing Group’s latest Marketing Mix report with them.

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49% of B2C Operators Outsource Content Creation

How does content marketing work for B2C businesses? The Content Marketing Institute has just updated its 2018 report for B2C operators and findings reveal that only approximately 1/3 of these establishments believe they have content marketing under control.

BIA/Kelsey: Local Ad Market to Grow 5.2% Next Year

After a year of sluggish growth, we’re all looking forward to higher ad sales numbers in 2018. BIA/Kelsey analysts have some good new for us. They’re projecting one of the highest increases in the ad market in the past five years.

Driving B2B Sales Using Mobile

The media format driving and/or influencing approximately 42% of the revenue of B2B companies is probably within arms' reach of you as we speak. Are you utilizing it?

VIDEO! Media Sales Monthly Tips

This month we learn how the Local Ad Market will increase in 2018, about Optimizing Blog Content, and some Alternatives to Asking for Referrals

TV Ads Rule as Top Millennial Influencer

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with advertising. They don’t always appreciate having their content interrupted by an ad. But, good ad campaigns, released in a variety of formats, catch consumers’ attention and sway their purchases.

Top Categories to Promote with Mobile Ads

With e‑commerce poised to account for 9% of all retail sales [eMarketer], you know most of your clients need a good digital marketing and sales strategy. You should be encouraging them to use your digital marketing services to boost their mobile marketing and sales strategies. Here are the numbers to prove the point.

Top 2018 SEO Trends to Share with Clients

Google never explains exactly how its search algorithms work, but we all know it’s critical to stay up to date with known changes. If you want to optimize SEO campaigns for your clients, you should check out the latest trends.

The Progress of Online Shopping and Search

Companies that utilize SEO and SEM have the opportunity to reach roughly 72% of shoppers.

Survival of the Fittest (Gym) with Multi-Media TV Campaign

A Bowling Green, Ky. couple had just opened a gym as a side venture while keeping their full-time jobs and raising three children. Television and Digital Marketing Specialist Brandon Miles knew they had stiff competition, especially with another workout franchise offering the same monthly rates. He felt WBKO could help them stand out in the crowded health category.

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