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The Progress of Online Shopping and Search

Companies that utilize SEO and SEM have the opportunity to reach roughly 72% of shoppers.

Survival of the Fittest (Gym) with Multi-Media TV Campaign

A Bowling Green, Ky. couple had just opened a gym as a side venture while keeping their full-time jobs and raising three children. Television and Digital Marketing Specialist Brandon Miles knew they had stiff competition, especially with another workout franchise offering the same monthly rates. He felt WBKO could help them stand out in the crowded health category.

Are You Targeting Big Ad Spenders in Your Market?

Are there certain kinds of local businesses that prefer to advertise on TV? BIA/Kelsey research indicates TV media sales reps may have better success going after specific categories of business.

Ad Market Increase Likely to be 4.1% for 2017

Brian Wieser, media analyst at Pivotal, is out with another revised forecast for 2017 ad sales. He now expects the year to end with a 4.1% increase.

Online Reviews Driving More Local Sales

Reviews are a critical part of the process that consumers use to determine whether they’ll reach out to a local business. The results of the 2017 Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal tell you what really matters when it comes to reviews.

How Paid Social Ads and Other Digital Advertising Go Hand-in-Hand

Social media brings together a number of different forms of digital media that can be used outside of social media as well.

Mapping Secures $17,000 Buy for Credit Union

Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to this month’s featured Sell SMARTER! Award — where we honor excellence in media SALES.

Tech Giants and Financial Advertisers Drive OOH Gains

Some marketers may consider out-of-home advertising to be a traditional media format. But, the industry’s rapidly changing. The availability of both traditional and digital options is one reason revenue keeps rising in OOH.

Video is Not Only Alive, It's Thriving!

92% of those surveyed view video marketing’s importance as being on the rise. And that’s not an opinion that's only relevant to this year.

Sales Manager Gets a Yes After 24 Years of No

Lisa Breaux was selling space in the Daily Iberian’s upcoming home & garden special section. In her role as a sales managers and sales trainer there, she likes to go after the more challenging prospects and accounts. There was an outdoor power sports business that had not advertised with the paper in 24 years, and for her, this was the perfect target.

IAB: OTT Viewers Notice Ads, Discuss Brands

More consumers are choosing to watch OTT TV these days. It’s only fair to ask if these viewers are noticing marketers’ messages, especially if they’re enjoying a favorite program with friends or family members.

Could Your Clients Benefits from an SEO Site Audit?

Year-end is the perfect time for your clients to engage in an SEO site audit. When marketers aren’t satisfied with the rankings they’re getting on Google’s search engine results pages, reviewing the details of the website infrastructure is the best place to start.

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