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Do You Know These Tips for Setting Team Goals?

If you’re trying to help your team members reach goals, you’ll achieve better outcomes if you formalize the process.

How Will You Spend Your First 30 Days as a Leader?

If you’re just taken on a new leadership role, you might be wondering which tasks you should take on first. Paul Larue, writing for leadchangegroup​.com, advises you to create a 30–60-90 day game plan.

Are You Investing Enough in Manager Training Programs?

Are your organizational changes succeeding or failing? If your grade isn’t what you want it to be, Jack Zenger can tell you why.

Manager Tips to Conquer Reps' Mediocre Mentality

Looking for a way to help your reps break the mold of mediocrity? Read what Gene Marks has to say.

Adopt New Learning Trends to Hack Your Biggest Challenges

We (people, teams and companies) compete at the speed of adaptability but adapt at the speed of learning, and the rate at which you learn determines your survival.”


Best Management Practices Really Do Boost the Bottom Line

Will a better management style impact the bottom line for your company? Can specific practices make a difference regardless of the industry you operate in or the products and services you offer?

What One Thing Do Your Millennial Workers Crave?

If you’re new to managing millennials, you might need to change your strategy to succeed. The results of a new Gallup poll show what makes these team members happy on the job.


Leaders Should Encourage Learning Opportunities

Leaders understand that learning encourages others. So they provide learning opportunities. They set expectations for learning and create learning cultures.

Micromanaging Your Team? Here's How to Stop

Managers with personalities leaning toward powerful and perfect get big reward feelings from micromanaging their staff members. Here’s the advice from Margery Weinstein regarding that urge: Don’t – just don’t.

How Do Your New Sales Reps Spend Their First Week on the Job?

To help your new hire succeed, you must focus on the right kind of training during the very first week. Jesse Davis, writing for SalesForce, tells you how to make sure your new salesperson is ready to hit the ground running.

How to Break Out of Your Old-School Performance Appraisal System

A new McKinsey report indicates 90% of companies are still using appraisal systems that were designed to measure output in a factory environment. This is no way to treat your talented team.

3 Tips to Cut Stress While Making That Epic Business Decision

It’s lonely at the top. To keep yourself sane and your business on track when you're faced with making an epic decision, establish a process as outlined recently by Clark Valbert, founder of CEO and InVision for Mashable.

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