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How to Break Out of Your Old-School Performance Appraisal System

A new McKinsey report indicates 90% of companies are still using appraisal systems that were designed to measure output in a factory environment. This is no way to treat your talented team.

3 Tips to Cut Stress While Making That Epic Business Decision

It’s lonely at the top. To keep yourself sane and your business on track when you're faced with making an epic decision, establish a process as outlined recently by Clark Valbert, founder of CEO and InVision for Mashable.

The Right and Wrong Way to Motivate a Team

Managers talk a lot about how to motivate a team. Sales managers motivate, or so they think, with financial incentives and contests.

Sales Training: How To Influence Your Buyers

When it comes to sales, the ultimate aim is to influence your buyers, so that they make the decision to work with your company rather than a competing firm.

5 Ways You Can Be More Effective

I’m not talking in this post about intelligence, imagination, experience, past achievement, hard work, wealth, popularity or good luck. Those are all nice to have. But none of them – not even all of them – ensures that you will be effective in what you set out to do.

How to Stop the Dictator-Manager’s Reign of Terror

Are any of your managers running their departments like a dictatorship? Daniel Goleman, in a column for the American Management Association’s Playbook, tells readers that targeting emotional intelligence goes to the heart of improving the behavior of dictators.

Do You Have A Sales Reinforcement Program?

Most companies spend plenty of time training salespeople on the basics. But, if you want your latest offering to succeed in the marketplace, you need to establish a sales reinforcement program as Lisa Clark suggests in an article for trainingindustry​.com.

Are Your Managers Developing These 4 Essential Talents?

If you want to bring your organization to the next level, your managers will need training on 4 specific leadership behaviors identified by McKinsey analysts. Here's what they should focus on.

Are You a Human Capital Trendsetter?

If you think all there is to running a hip company is offering flex-time and a juice machine in the break room, check out the latest Deloitte study on human capital. Following their tips will help you become a trendsetter.

How Are You Setting Sales Quotas?

There’s often a disconnect between the c‑suite and salespeople when sales quotas are set for the year. Lee Salz has a few ideas about how companies can do a better job on this contentious issue.

Are You Coaching or Micromanaging?

Are you micromanaging your employees? Looking over their shoulders, scheduling meetings to review policies and procedures and making sure they’re toeing the line? Big mistake, cautions Michael Abrashoff.

Does That Failing Employee Deserve a Second Chance?

You’ve caught one of your employees playing online poker again instead of working. It might be time to let that employee go. Or maybe you should you give him a second chance.

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