Category: Emotional Intelligence for Managers

How to be a Great Leader – Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve been promoted into a management position, and you feel like a fraud, it might be because you fear you aren’t ready, or that nobody will take direction from little old you. All your life you’ve probably been hearing about natural-born athletes, musicians or speakers. Where does that leave you, if you’re not a natural-born anything?

What’s Your Charisma Score?

George Clooney is the world's most attractive man. And, he's also got charisma. What should the rest of us do to boost charisma, especially those who are in leadership positions?

Are You Conveying Enough Warmth to Your Team Members?

Today, we all expect to find meaning in our work and in the workplace. That goal can be fulfilled if we feel that our managers genuinely care about us as individuals.

Is Office Drama Wrecking Your Team’s Productivity?

The last thing you need is office drama added to the rest of your responsibilities. But, since you are managing people who probably have conflicting needs and wants, a drama-free workplace is hard to come by.

The relationship edge…Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing.

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