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How to Make Servant Leadership Work for You

People don’t always get along, and you may find that the traditional company picnic or potluck lunch is not bringing folks together. David Williams, in a post for Forbes, suggests another strategy for improving teamwork.

Are Your Sales Compensation Plans Dysfunctional?

Your product or service might be so technical that your sales reps need extra training in order to successfully sell. They shouldn’t encounter the same situation with respect to the compensation plan you are offering.

Should Leaders Challenge an Organization's Culture?

As a new CEO for an organization, it's tempting to impose try to change the culture to match your leadership style. Should you? A team of researchers led by Chad Hartnell studied this topic and published the ‘paradoxical’ findings in Applied Psychology.

Why Leaders’ Actions Overshadow Intentions

Throughout our lives, in every relationship and situation, people will judge what they see us doing no matter what it was that we intended or meant to do. In leadership, your credibility rides on this. Actions overshadow intentions.

HR Departments Promote Pet-Friendly Policies to Procure Pet Owners

"Lots of companies offer employees a gamut of perks, from free food to gym memberships, and even free transportation to and from work in some cases,"
Kia Kokalitcheva writes. "But some employers—the truly wise ones—understand how much their employees’ pets mean to them, and have found ways to celebrate and support those relationships. While most of these companies let owners bring their dogs to work or offer pet insurance, some have designed some creative perks and policies for pets."

Two Tips to Squelch Office Politics

he problem with office politics is they can easily spin out of control. One of the early leaders at Facebook recently discussed how the company works to minimize office politics.

Tips for Influencing Your Peers

Do you need to influence your peers on the leadership team before you can get a big deal signed? John Baldoni, chair of leadership development at N2Growth, has a few suggestions to help you succeed.

How to Turn Your Company into the Next Amazon

Leaders who figure out how to engage their employees in a mission, the way Jeff Bezos has done with his commitment to delighting customers, succeed. Here’s what you can do to motivate your employees.

How Do Your New Sales Reps Spend Their First Week on the Job?

To help your new hire succeed, you must focus on the right kind of training during the very first week. Jesse Davis, writing for SalesForce, tells you how to make sure your new salesperson is ready to hit the ground running.

Top Tips for Listening to Your Employees

If you're only half-listening to your team members, you could be missing something important. Melissa Daimler, at Twitter, has a few strategies to help you tweak your listening skills.

Communication Skills in Leadership When You Can’t be Face to Face

Worldwide, there are now more than one billion people who primarily work remotely. They work on the road, in home offices, and in satellite offices. Fostering communication skills in leadership long-distance like this can be hard.

When Should You Roll Out Your Rock Leadership Style?

To really succeed at leadership, you’ll need to tap into the right personality traits in specific situations. Jim Morris, writing for The Muse, tells you which styles work best.

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