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Cool Tips to Deal with the Hot Mess Employee

Every now and then a problem employee slips into the ranks. If you’ve got a disruptive situation on your hands, check out Shawn Murphy’s Switch and Shift playbook for tips how to deal with 5 different kinds of toxic employees.

So, you screwed up. Here's how to make it worse!

You can probably think of many examples of cover-ups that were worse than the crime. Intentionally or unintentionally, people foul things up. It’s the reaction to those mistakes that reveals their true character.

The Right and Wrong Way to Motivate a Team

Managers talk a lot about how to motivate a team. Sales managers motivate, or so they think, with financial incentives and contests.

How to Keep Your Top Employees From Joining a Competitor

Late last year, TINYpulse released the results of a survey they took on what makes employees stay. Read on to find out if you have the right stuff in your organization.

Does Your Flextime Program Include These Key Features?

Are your team members scamming the flextime system? MIT’s Sloan School, known for its outstanding business management training program, recently instituted a flextime system. Here’s what they learned in the process, according to Eric Sherman.

2 Top Hacks for Changing Corporate Culture

The advisors at PcW’s Strategy& Katzenbach Center recommend understanding the concept of corporate culture before you start trying to change it. Even then, you should tread carefully or you risk blowing yourself up.

Better Listening: Are You Hearing What Your Employees are Saying?

You’re worried your team isn't going to make goal by the end of the day. And then, one of your team members pops into your office for a chat. Do you know how to slow down and really listen?

Do Your Employees Trust You?

The most recent Edelman ‘trust’ barometer shows most employees choose to believe what they hear in the break room from their peers instead of formal announcements made by management. If gossip machine controls the information flow in your company, here's what you need to do.

How to Stop the Dictator-Manager’s Reign of Terror

Are any of your managers running their departments like a dictatorship? Daniel Goleman, in a column for the American Management Association’s Playbook, tells readers that targeting emotional intelligence goes to the heart of improving the behavior of dictators.

How to Quash Conflict Before it Takes Over Your Organization

Managers who don’t pay attention to growing conflict in their department or organization risk letting disputes become more important than productivity. If you sense conflict in the air, follow these steps offered by Rachel Eryn Kalish and Pat Zigarmi for TrainingMag to quickly resolve the issue.

Leadership Super Powers: Active Listening Plus Learning Agility

There are two leadership super powers no manager, influencer or high achiever can succeed without.

Are You a Human Capital Trendsetter?

If you think all there is to running a hip company is offering flex-time and a juice machine in the break room, check out the latest Deloitte study on human capital. Following their tips will help you become a trendsetter.

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