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Are You Looking for Soft Skills When You Hire?

In your rush to hire, don’t forget that you need to consider a candidate's soft skills. At the LinkedIn Talent Blog, Guy Berger discusses how important soft skills have become.

Is the Barista Who Serves You Coffee Your Next Sales Star?

If you're trying to hire your next sales superstar, Alice Heiman has some tips on how to achieve this goal. The first step you need to take is to look beyond folks who are already in a sales job.

HR Departments Promote Pet-Friendly Policies to Procure Pet Owners

"Lots of companies offer employees a gamut of perks, from free food to gym memberships, and even free transportation to and from work in some cases,"
Kia Kokalitcheva writes. "But some employers—the truly wise ones—understand how much their employees’ pets mean to them, and have found ways to celebrate and support those relationships. While most of these companies let owners bring their dogs to work or offer pet insurance, some have designed some creative perks and policies for pets."

The non-secret formula that makes a great salesperson.

Why are salespeople great? What makes salespeople successful? What characteristics make up a sales superstar? Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to these questions?

Manager Tips to Conquer Reps' Mediocre Mentality

Looking for a way to help your reps break the mold of mediocrity? Read what Gene Marks has to say.

Two Tips to Squelch Office Politics

he problem with office politics is they can easily spin out of control. One of the early leaders at Facebook recently discussed how the company works to minimize office politics.

Does Your Top Candidate Have EI?

Your top management may have street cred and will attract attention to your company. But does she have EI? Before you call to make a job offer, review these important tips from Daniel Goleman.

Basketball Zen and the Art of Hiring Your Next Sales Pro

There’s nothing more nerve wracking than hiring a new salesperson to fit into your team. You can score a win by following the practice of Coach Jay Wright at Villanova and look for hungry and humble.

Where is Your Firm's Next Senior Manager Coming From?

If one of your senior managers suddenly walks out out the door, where does this leave you? To avoid organizational chaos, check out what Marty Fukuda recommends regarding leadership development.

How High Does Your Organization Score on the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative?

To track whether business leaders are only paying lip service, the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School recently conducted the 2016 Diversity Competencies for Leadership Development Survey. The survey results are worth a look if this topic is a challenge for your organization.

Are You Sure That Employee is Ready to Lead?

When it’s time to fill a management position in your company, slow down and think about what you’re doing. Making a mistake with a leadership promotion can seriously impact your operations and company morale.

Are You Overlooking the Best Candidates for Management Roles?

Some individuals seem to be natural leaders. Can you train the others to become good managers? A recent article on Knowledge@Wharton explores this topic and explains the best ways to help new managers succeed.

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