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Preparing Your Pitch — 5 Simple Steps

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I have a hard time just sitting through any sort of sales presentation and listening to the pitch. I find myself constantly taking notes about the presentation itself, rather than focusing on the product or service at hand. Today was no different. I was fortunate enough today to […]

C. Lee Smith November 22, 2006 Newsroom

Surprising Customer Service

Dateline: Day before Thanksgiving, 4:45pm The cellphone rings… on the other end, a regional manager of Cinnabon — you know, the wildly-addicting cinnamon rolls?  He was calling to discuss a letter that  my girlfriend had Emailed to them the day prior.  On Saturday, we had a less-than-acceptable situation at one of their locations. She stewed […]

C. Lee Smith November 22, 2006 Newsroom

Get Organized… or Stay Confused

Yes, it’s critical to be as organized as possible if you intend to succeed long-term, regardless of what you’re aiming for. I know, I know… I’ve got more than a few acquaintances who insist that their ‘mess’ is perfectly normal, and that they know where everything is and can get to it at any moment. […]

C. Lee Smith November 20, 2006 Newsroom

The Trouble with Selling Services?

Sticking with issues of selling in the service industry, I link you today to a wonderful piece from RainToday​.com that gets into this issue a bit deeper than I did on Monday. It’s pretty simple to see that one of the biggest problems in solid lead generation — when you don’t have a tangible product […]

C. Lee Smith November 16, 2006 Newsroom

Lead Generation Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

As I continue to work on my small business marketing efforts, I’m always on the lookout for interesting insights that may help me to see different ways of ‘getting the word out’ about what I do.  As anyone who sells anything knows, it’s not always a black-and-white effort to attract serious leads. Over the weekend, […]

C. Lee Smith November 13, 2006 Newsroom

Creating Selling Conversations

This is one of my hot-button issues… coming on too strong in the sales process. I imagine that we’ve ALL done it at some point in our careers. Hopefully, most of us have figured out that this is not the right way to approach selling. Reading through this wonderful piece from Duct Tape Marketing, Jill […]

C. Lee Smith November 8, 2006 Newsroom
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