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Does Your Sales Creativity Need a Boost?

Are you tired of prospecting, presenting, negotiating and closing the same old way? If so, your success rates could be falling. Prospects and clients can tell when you’re not into what you’re selling. To improve your numbers, why not try a little creativity? Most people don’t think of sales as a creative profession. After all,

Small Details — the BIG Key to Sales

Don’t you hate when a server looks like they’re paying attention, but then they deliver the completely wrong order? It’s the same in sales. What are you delivering?

How to Stop Sounding Like a Sales Newbie

Problem: You're a sales newbie facing a savvy prospect and tough competition. Solution: Follow Marc Wayshak's suggestions to come across as a polished professional.

The Fine Line Between FOCUS and FOCUS IN

REALITY: You can’t stop a storm or change the weather, or affect the outcome of your favorite TV sitcom. Rather than focus on what you can’t do, or the things going on around you – politics, the weather, traffic, or even your competition, focus on the one person who can make the biggest difference in YOUR world and your sales world: YOU.

The “why” of sales and selling will lead you to be the wise salesperson.

I sat in a Jim Rohn seminar one day in 1995 and heard him say, “Formal education will earn you a living. Self-education will earn you a fortune. You decide how much of a fortune you want to earn by how willing you are to self-educate.”

The overlooked power that may be your sales kryptonite.

I see, therefore I learn. I see, therefore I think. I learn and I think, therefore I reason and respond. THE POWER: That is the power of observation.

“I can’t find the buyer anymore!” Here’s why…" rel="bookmark"> I can’t find the buyer anymore!” Here’s why…

Jeffrey, I have some sales situations I can’t get past, and maybe you can help. I’m an insurance agent. I read your stuff – OK, I’m a fan. I’ve been getting blown off or stalled from accounts and managers who don’t make the final decision.

This place couldn’t survive without me… Not.

On my first official day as boss, Ozzie, our superstar cabinet assembler (main guy in the most important position), came to me and asked for a 25¢ per hour raise. I went to my dad for advice and he said, “Give it to him, son.” So I did. A week later Ozzie returned and demanded another 25¢ raise, and he said he would quit if he didn’t get it. I went back to my dad for advice and he said, “Fire him, son.”

How an A- Grade Can Speed Up Your Work Process

If you're a perfectionist, you might not ever like to do A- work. But, Guthrie Weinschenk points out that you can be more efficient if you devote your best efforts only to projects that require A+ work.

Top Hacks To Succeed in Your New Sales Job

New job anxiety can strike whether this is your first or your tenth sales position. Use these hacks from Chris Gillespie to conquer your fears and

The Power of Paying Attention. Use it to WIN!

Since my earliest days of personal development study, my mantra has always been stay a student. I attached an affirmation – a strategy – to that the mantra, "learn something new every day."

Have your BEST year ever? Or have a GREAT year?

I’m challenging you NOT to have your BEST year ever. Rather, have a GREAT year. A great family year. A great achievement year. A great money year. A great health year.

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