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What's Your Competitive Advantage?

As I've traveled around the country giving keynote speeches the past 27 years, I've been amazed to find that many salespeople do not know and cannot articulate their competitive advantage to their prospects and customers!

Impress Your Prospects with Your Video Conferencing Skills

Before you schedule your next video chat, make sure that you are aware of basic etiquette. In a recent Bizjournals​.com article, Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey share 10 tips to make sure your video conferencing etiquette is up to speed.

How to Create the Right Mindset in Your Prospects

It’s not necessarily our message that first moves people to think or act. But rather the mindset we create for them can guide decisions.

“I can’t find the buyer anymore!” Here’s why…" rel="bookmark"> I can’t find the buyer anymore!” Here’s why…

Jeffrey, I have some sales situations I can’t get past, and maybe you can help. I’m an insurance agent. I read your stuff – OK, I’m a fan. I’ve been getting blown off or stalled from accounts and managers who don’t make the final decision.

Stop These "Speech Killers" Now

Are your speech habits preventing you from projecting a positive image? No matter how brilliant you are, a lack of speaking skills may be holding you back from even more success.

Say This, Not That: Influence Prospects By Swapping Words

While there’s still no magic word that will make a prospect immediately sign a contract, your selection of words can have a major impact. By subtly switching certain words and phrases with others, you can make your communications more effective.

What is a Value Proposition?

Do you really know the meaning and purpose of a value proposition? If not, you may be at a professional disadvantage and missing out on opportunities.

Cut These Phrases From Your Sales Pitch

No one wants to fall flat during a sales pitch, but unfortunately, it happens. You can prevent a pitch mishap by avoiding certain phrases, according to a recent Inc. article by Geoffrey James

How to Communicate With Different Types of Clients

In sales, you are going to come across a wide range of personality types, and it would be to your advantage to know how to effectively communicate with more than one type.

Don't Feed the Trolls! Tips to Handle REAL Negative Feedback

Bad word spreads faster than good news, and one disgruntled customer can spell disaster if they choose to share their negative experience or opinion. But the customer’s comment may not be the thing that kills your reputation…

What You SHOULDN'T Say During Cold Calls

Cold calls are a gamble–if you play your cards right, you’ll hang up with more knowledge than when you called and, perhaps, a strong new lead to explore further.

5 Motivational Words to Close Your Deals!

What is it about motivation speakers that make them so, well…motivational? Yes they might have a certain charisma and energy, but there is one crucial aspect you are forgetting about. And it can quickly and easily make you a motivational master!

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