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Psychological "Hacks" To Boost Conversions

When making your next deal, you may want to consider subtly using the power of psychology to sway the decision of a prospect.

Do You Have The Sales Trust Factor?

Trust me! I cringe when I hear a professional or salesperson use that offensive phrase. My guard goes up. My intuition kicks in and says, "Danger. danger, pay attention!  If you have to tell me to trust you, I won’t." Trust levels plummet when professionals use that term. Another cringe-worthy offender I should mention is

Are Your Client Success Stories Full of "Lifeless Facts"?

Success stories from clients are a fantastic way to attract new business. They can reveal the effectiveness of your product or service while putting prospects' minds at ease by touting your credibility and professionalism.

5 Motivational Words to Close Your Deals!

What is it about motivation speakers that make them so, well…motivational? Yes they might have a certain charisma and energy, but there is one crucial aspect you are forgetting about. And it can quickly and easily make you a motivational master!

Achieve More Success With These 5 Body Language Hacks

If you want to be more successful in life and in your job, your body may be the key! The way we physically present ourselves not only sends signals to others, but affects our own thoughts, feelings and performance as well.

Talk Like This To Be a Charisma King

They’re FULL of charisma! You know the ones. Everyone they engage with becomes captivated by them. While some people are born with charismatic personalities, others need to work at it.

Strike a Powerful Pose to Sell and Serve Better

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy's research into power posing can change your sales life. I want you to consider incorporating power posing daily – to better serve your customers and maintain their loyalty. Melia Robinson explains power posing as “the act of taking a posture of confidence,

Hit Prospects With This Powerful One-Two Punch

Want to hit your prospects with a figurative one-two punch? Sales and marketing professional Genie Parker recommends using both email and voicemail to get their attention!

The BIG Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement.

What is engagement? Better stated, how can you engage other people to become interested in you and your product or service? Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People) says by becoming genuinely interested in them.

How to Sell Like Don Draper

We can’t all be Don Draper, the suave Mad Men protagonist who mesmerizes clients with his presentation skills. But we can learn from him.

3 Psychological Tips for a Better Sales Call

Have you ever thought about what you say on sales calls or how you say it? Your words, behavior and tone can have a psychological impact on your client of prospect.

Reps: Do You Know Your Clients' Top Stressors?

As you plot how to make the most of the time you spend with clients in 2016, read exactly what stresses them out in the State of Marketing Report published by Workfront. Then, put a few key practices in place to win over these clients.

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