Category: Negotiating

How to Handle the Price-Focused Prospect

Reps who are thoroughly educated in their pricing structure will have a better understanding of why something is priced a certain way. This understanding will give them the confidence to stand by the cost.

Collaborative Negotiating Strategies

I believe there are two ways to negotiate: manipulatively and collaboratively. You could call it “win‑win” versus “win‑lose.”

Are You A Negotiating Ninja?

When you finally get to the point of negotiating with your prospect, you don’t want to blow it. You can sweat your way through this process, or you can hone your negotiating skills with these tips from Emma Brudner.

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Negotiating Skills

By the negotiation phase of the sales process, you and the prospect both have a common goal: A sale! But, just because the prospect is buying from you, doesn’t mean you are at his or her mercy.

How to Handle the Tough Customer

Issues, disagreements and even arguments are inevitable in the sales world. The next time you run into a tough customer, remember Himanshu Agarwal's advice.

What to Say When No Won't Work

You can't always say yes to a prospect or client. Some of us, though, have a difficult time saying no. Here are a few alternatives to the "N" word.

Tips to Match Your Superstar Traits to Prospects' Needs

Enthusiasm is a valuable trait in sales but it’s not everything. Sure, an enthusiastic presenter engages the audience during a presentation but audiences need more.

Communicating Value — Getting People to Buy

There are six questions your prospects want answered before they buy. If you miss one of these questions, you jeopardize the selling opportunity. Let’s look at each question and why it is important to the buyer.

Top Sales Secrets of 'Rockstar Entrepreneurs'

Can you sell like your favorite 'rockstar entrepreneur?' Of course. Just follow these tips from Marc Wayshak.

How to Kill It In Your Most Stressful Sales Situation

It happens to the best of us. You think you’re prepared to give your presentation to your prospect. Despite all that groundwork, you suddenly find yourself standing in front of a panel of 10 people, including the CEO who has a reputation for eviscerating salespeople.

The proposal and the sale are miles apart.

"Sounds good, send me a proposal." How many times have you heard that? Too many.

Don’t Sell Short. Negotiate the Price You Deserve.

You want the deal badly. You need the business. You suspect that your price is too high to begin with. So what do you do? If you’re like most salespeople, you lower your price rather than negotiate. Instead, use these eight concepts from master negotiator Ed Brodow to negotiate the price you deserve.

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