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Are You Sabotaging Your Sales with too many Buying Options?

What’s eas­i­er to choose between: two meal options or five? No mat­ter what it is you need to choose from, the process is always eas­i­er with few­er options.

Are you the Best?

It’s your first week, and your man­ag­er says to the ten new-hires, “Look around the room, only one out of every ten peo­ple will be here in the next 36 months.” Will you be the one?

Want to Know A Simple Strategy To Score A Sales Meeting?

While some prospects may accept a blunt, out-of-left-field request for a sales meet­ing, most will like­ly balk at this approach. Reps will have bet­ter suc­cess sched­ul­ing first-time meet­ings if they warm up prospects first before ask­ing.

Sales Reps: How to Hone Your Sense of Humor

My sug­ges­tions for improv­ing your sense of humor: First, find out what your strong suit is, humor-wise. Ask a friend who’ll be hon­est with you.

How to Read A Room to Improve Your Communications

Sales­peo­ple can learn so much sim­ply by “read­ing” a room. This skill can be espe­cial­ly help­ful when pre­sent­ing or part of a meet­ing. Pick­ing up on sub­tle cues can help you deter­mine how to pro­ceed with your com­mu­ni­ca­tions (and how oth­ers may receive your mes­sage).

4 Ways Body Language Can Improve Your Sales Pitch

How you deliv­er a sales pitch is just as impor­tant as the words you intend to say. The wrong body lan­guage, such as fail­ing to make eye con­tact or act­ing shift­ing when you speak, can acci­den­tal­ly inspire mis­trust or skep­ti­cism in your poten­tial client.

Face Time: How to Make it Count

You can’t count on get­ting in front of every prospect. But when you are grant­ed the huge favor of face time, don’t waste it.

Nonverbal Ways to Command A Room

While speak­ing pret­ty much guar­an­tees all eyes will be on you, there are also non­ver­bal ways to com­mand a room. Just because you aren’t on a podi­um doesn’t mean that you have to fade into the crowd. For sales­peo­ple, every impres­sion and con­nec­tion is impor­tant, so it's up to you to make the most of any oppor­tu­ni­ty.

Networking is Getting Known by Those Who Count

Anne Boe, a bril­liant, award win­ning speak­er, recent­ly led an audi­ence through the psy­cho­log­i­cal bar­ri­ers of net­work­ing avoid­ance, and seemed to empow­er the audi­ence with thought pro­vok­ing state­ments that had peo­ple lean­ing into her words. And humor that had them laugh­ing to a point of applause.

Wrong Address Equals Sale

I had every rea­son to be mad. There I was, stand­ing in the mid­dle of Man­hat­tan, strug­gling to hold my lap­top, pro­jec­tor, hand­bag, and books. I was about to give a huge pre­sen­ta­tion, and I’d arrived 45 min­utes ear­ly.

Where and When to Establish Buyer Confidence

The prospect won't buy if he/she lacks con­fi­dence in you or your prod­uct. Obvi­ous­ly the faster you estab­lish con­fi­dence in the sell­ing process, the eas­i­er it will be to get to the next phase of the sale.

Presentation Style: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Peo­ple are always look­ing for advice on how to give the per­fect pre­sen­ta­tion. They wor­ry about whether or not to use visu­al aids, how many slides (if any!) to include, or if sto­ry­telling is more effec­tive than instruc­tion­al style.

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