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How to Ensure Your References Get You the Close!

The sales cycle can be a long a grueling process; so don’t stumble when your buyer asks for some references! This can be a defining moment in your sales presentation if you take the time to make your references actually work FOR you.

How to Beat the Prospect's 5‑Minute Time Limit

Your dream prospect will only give you 5 minutes. Should you try to compress your pitch into that time frame? Or should you follow the advice of one of these sales veterans?

Disqualify These Prospects For Fewer Headaches in the Future

Salespeople should know that not every prospect that crosses their path would make a great business partner, and some prospects should be disqualified (forever!).

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?

REALITY: You quit paying attention for one reason or another, AND blame it on the person talking to you. Two rudes don’t make a right. How do you listen?

Wandering Mind? 5 Ways to Improve Concentration

How often do you find your mind wandering when you have a million and a half things to get done? If you are constantly flitting between tasks or finding yourself daydreaming, your productivity is suffering.

How to Shift the Focus from Price while Closing the Deal

If you’re new to sales, you might be focusing on the price of your product or service. The problem is, talking too much about price in your early conversations might stall your sales progress. Check out Will Brooks' recommendations on how to avoid this problem.

Active Listening Is A Sales Skill You Must Know

You may have heard of the term “active listening,” but are you really clear on its meaning? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to gain valuable insight that will allow you to demonstrate expertise and win over prospects.

Out of touch or out of their minds? Maybe both!

In a survey conducted by a BIG benefits management company (a management and human resource consulting firm), they asked 365 CEO's and sales management executives, “What are the three key factors that separate high performing sales professionals from moderate to low performing sales professionals?”

10 Ways to be a Happier, More Successful You

Happiness and success can often be a subjective issue, but regardless of how you define them, everyone wants to achieve them. If you are struggling to find success or find yourself frowning more than smiling, a few simple changes can make a drastic difference.

Do You Know These Secrets of Network Building?

Are you fired up for 2016? If you’ve resolved to make this year your best yet, you need a new plan — one that will help you build your network.

Words That You Should Use In Sales Conversations NOW

Whether on paper or spoken in person, your words have an impact on how others view you and your company.

This is not a resolution, it’s an ALL OUT resolve!

Whatever your age, you’ve made resolutions, you’ve made goals, and often fall short of the stated objective, desire and/or objective. Drop resolutions, they’re always painful. Drop goals, they’re often unmet.

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