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It’s not what you say that makes the sale. It’s what they ask.

Here is a sales action for you to take: Become question aware. Here is another sales action for you to take: Listen with the intent to understand.

The Tool You SHOULD Be Using To Strengthen B2B Client Relations

When it comes to customer service, B2C companies have learned something B2B companies tend to ignore. So if you work at a B2B company and struggle to keep your customers happy, it’s time to start putting this tool to use.

Do You Know This Secret to Convincing Prospects to Listen to Your Voice Mail?

Jay Warden, at SalesLoft, knows how to get a prospect to pay attention to your cold-call voice mail. Want to know the secret? Read on.

Avoid These 'Taboos' During First Calls With Prospects

As a consultative sales rep, you’re likely not following a strict script when calling on prospects. So, you need to make the most of each call or meeting and avoid mistakes that could cost you the buyer’s trust.

How to Keep Making Money From Customers

Once you score a new contract, there’s still major opportunity to grow sales even more from the new customer.


Your prospect will signal you when they’re ready to buy.

Billy, pay attention!” That was your first listening lesson. Probably delivered when you were too young to pay attention. Fast forward 20 something years (or more) and you’re STILL not listening.


3 Effective Ways to Avoid Customer Rage

Bad news travels fast and can kill your company’s reputation. Despite your best efforts and intentions, clients will have complaints and the way you handle them will determine if they remain a loyal customer or leave and spread bad word of mouth.

6 Personal Skills You Need to Close the Deal

To move to the next level, your interactions require more than understanding the product or service you’re selling. In his post for Hubspot​.com, Kevin Smith, of Richardson Sales Training, recently highlighted 6 skills you need in order to succeed.

Break These Bad Communication Habits NOW

Communication plays a big part in the success of a salesperson as excellent communication skills are necessary when working with prospects, clients, leaders, and team members.


The 21.5 early warning signals that the prospect is ready to buy

Question: When is the prospect ready to buy? Answer: He or she will tell you if you just pay attention (aka listen).

2 Strategies to Capture More Customers at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a critical part of B2B marketing strategies, but if you don’t come prepared they can be a HUGE waste of time and money.


Do You Have The Sales Trust Factor?

Trust me! I cringe when I hear a professional or salesperson use that offensive phrase. My guard goes up. My intuition kicks in and says, "Danger. danger, pay attention!  If you have to tell me to trust you, I won’t." Trust levels plummet when professionals use that term. Another cringe-worthy offender I should mention is […]

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