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What You SHOULDN'T Say During Cold Calls

Cold calls are a gamble–if you play your cards right, you’ll hang up with more knowledge than when you called and, perhaps, a strong new lead to explore further.

Use These Simple Strategies to Avoid "Death by Meeting"

Not another meeting! Whether you’re the one running the meeting, or you’re just attending, you can make the most of the time spent meeting with other people by following a few simple suggestions described by Kevin Daum in his recent article for Inc​.com.

The Ultimate Outline for Making Cold Calls

Do you feel like you’ve mastered cold calling? Or, do you find yourself still struggling to find comfort (and success) with this sales technique?

How 5 Words Can Help You Win Customer 3.0

The customer is evolving, and salespeople must adapt and evolve their own strategies to keep up. Due to the growing nature of client demands, salespeople should strive to be on the same page as their prospects and clients.

Are You Tapping Social Data to Anticipate Client Needs?

Sales professionals everywhere are remarking that their job is getting more difficult. The 2016 Selling Challenges Study by Richardson reveals what the problem might be.

What CEOs want to talk about. HINT: It ain’t your product.

Everyone tells you to meet with the decision maker. Everyone tells you to meet with the CEO. However, it seems no one offers any advice on what to SAY when you get to that meeting.

Do You Know Who the Competition is?

It’s important to find out exactly what’s going on behind closed doors at the account. Then, use the strategy suggested by Victor Cheng to save the sale.

How to Secure Your Spot in the Top 20% List

In a recent post on Salesforce​.com, Shelley Cernel notes that today’s typical B2B buying decision involves getting up to 6 decision makers to agree. If you don't take care of these decision makers, you quickly fall off the list of the 20% of sales reps who are seen as valuable.

10 Tips for Having A Perfect Conversation

Whether you are meeting with prospects or attending an industry networking event, you need to be able to carry on a conversation — preferably an engaging, interesting one that creates a favorable impression.

How to Beat the Prospect's 5‑Minute Time Limit

Your dream prospect will only give you 5 minutes. Should you try to compress your pitch into that time frame? Or should you follow the advice of one of these sales veterans?

Don’t just thank, remember the lessons and stories.

It’s likely you will be with family over the holidays. Most people (not you of course) add to their waistline during these times. I’m going to share a few strategies that will fatten your wallet.

Do You Know the Best Time to Make Sales Calls?

Knowing when to reach out to prospects versus clients could save you time and result in a higher paycheck coming your way.

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