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The customer is stalling. What do I say now?

Jeffrey, When a client says he or she is “still reviewing their options,” I know you say that’s the result of their inability to see the value in my product or service. But how should I respond to this objection without pushing the customer away?

It's a Journey: 4 Steps for Successful Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing should be a journey that you take with the client, and like any successful journey, you’ll need a plan. In a post for the B2B Lead Blog, Brian Carroll highlights specific steps that you should take on each journey.

Tough sales issues, and not so tough (but not so easy) answers.

The 3.5 biggest issues facing salespeople today are: 1. Price integrity. 2. Customer loyalty. 3. Fighting hungry competition. 3.5 Quality, attitude, and belief of the salesperson.

Sales Proposal – Will you be my lawfully wedded customer?

Tons of time and money is WASTED on sales proposals, only to be jilted, turned down, or worse – left at the altar. Lost love. Lost revenue. Think it’s not you? Think again!

Prepare for Price Negotiations With These Tips

No matter how much value your product or service will bring, there’s a good chance prospects will want to negotiate on price.

How to Re-Connect With A Prospect

Have you ever been making progress with a prospect only to have him or her “go dark?” Despite your efforts, you just can’t reach the prospect and re-establish the connection.

How to Master the Sales Follow-Up

You’ve made the sales call and now it’s time for the important next step: The follow-up.

How to Address Buyers' Most Burning Question

It doesn’t matter what you sell, where you sell, or to whom you sell, buyers all just have one question that needs to be answered, according to Lee Salz, contributing writer for BizJournals.

Seller Differentiation Is the New Competitive Differentiation

Even if you represent a strong brand and product, you may need to work on seller differentiation in order to be positioned favorably in the buyer’s mind.

Erase the "I can't afford it" objection

Objections are a natural part of the selling process, and they pop up for many reasons. Objections can happen in all stages of the process and are often nothing more than problems to be solved.

It’s not what you say that makes the sale. It’s what they ask.

Here is a sales action for you to take: Become question aware. Here is another sales action for you to take: Listen with the intent to understand.

6 Personal Skills You Need to Close the Deal

To move to the next level, your interactions require more than understanding the product or service you’re selling. In his post for Hubspot​.com, Kevin Smith, of Richardson Sales Training, recently highlighted 6 skills you need in order to succeed.

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