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Shorten The Sales Process With These Tips

Feel like your sales process is lagging? You may actually be to blame! Little stumbles and fumbles along the way, as well as unnecessary time-consuming tasks, may be bogging down your sales process.

How to Get Your Prospect to Consider Value (and Not Just Cost)

The question of cost is often dreaded by salespeople. But, it doesn’t have to be if you reframe your thinking. According to a recent article by Matt Tuson for SalesHacker​.com, you can take the question regarding price and redirect the prospect’s focus to value and change how he or she perceives the price tag. “Though some

Is Your Sales Funnel Just "Good Enough?"

A survey revealed that while most salespeople believe their sales funnel is “good enough,” they are struggling with closing sales in their prospected time frame–which signals a breakdown in their funnel management and pipeline review process.

The 7 Phases of The Customer's Buying Cycle

As a sales professional, it is important to recognize that just as you are navigating your prospects through the sales cycle, they navigate through a cycle of their own. It is called the buying cycle, which encompasses a series of emotions and evaluations that will drive their decision.

How to Secure Your Spot in the Top 20% List

In a recent post on Salesforce​.com, Shelley Cernel notes that today’s typical B2B buying decision involves getting up to 6 decision makers to agree. If you don't take care of these decision makers, you quickly fall off the list of the 20% of sales reps who are seen as valuable.

Thinking about what the customer really wants. And delivering!

You have opportunities to think about your business growth and your sales growth every day. The big questions are: how and when do you do it?

How to Shift Your Prospect's Focus Away from Price

What should you do when your prospect starts objecting to your price? Writing for SellingPower, Steve Atlas has a few suggestions.

How to Beat the Prospect's 5‑Minute Time Limit

Your dream prospect will only give you 5 minutes. Should you try to compress your pitch into that time frame? Or should you follow the advice of one of these sales veterans?

How to Shift the Focus from Price while Closing the Deal

If you’re new to sales, you might be focusing on the price of your product or service. The problem is, talking too much about price in your early conversations might stall your sales progress. Check out Will Brooks' recommendations on how to avoid this problem.

It’s that time of year: “Call me back after the holidays.”

Humbug. Salespeople hate holidays. Holidays are an excuse for decision makers to put buying decisions on hold. But the worst of them are the Christmas to New Year.

Do You Know the Winning Word to Close Your Deal?

Is there one word that can close the deal for you every time? Grant Cardone thinks so.

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