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How To Network During the Pandemic

It’s conference and trade show season, but how are you going to network during the pandemic? With almost every in-person gathering cancelled because of the COVID-19 virus, we’re all operating in a new normal.

Sales Pipeline

Your Sales Pipeline Isn't as Fruitful as You Think

What does your sales pipeline look like right now? Is it a list of stages leading from researching leads to closing the sale? Yes, that kind of set up does lay out the course of how you hope the sale will go, but it’s not a plan.

Prospecting Email

How to Get Anyone to Read Your Prospecting Emails

How often have you wasted the first line of your prospecting email with, “Hello, my name is…”? At this point, the prospect doesn’t care who you are. They get dozens of emails just like yours every single day. Why should they keep reading?


Hot, Warm & Cold Leads: How To Identify & Nurture Each

Not every lead you encounter will be quality. While it’s great to attract a variety of leads, it’s important to realize most won’t be a good fit.

The Dos and Don'ts of Follow-Up Sales Calls

The Dos and Don'ts of Follow-Up Sales Calls

Five seconds is all it takes for a prospect to make up their mind during a follow-up sales call. And, according to research in Meg Prater’s HubSpot article, you may not be filling those seconds with what it takes to land a sales meeting.


The 3 Keys to Successful Networking

Email and call sales? Easy. Sales presentations you’ve practiced to perfection? You could do those in your sleep. But networking events? They’re not everyone’s strong suit.

Oh, The Terror! Don't Let Fear of Small Talk Destroy Your Networking

Not all salespeople are extroverts. Yes, they may be able to present to a roomful of people or lead a full webinar. But, the thought of making small talk at an event could be terrifying.


Social Selling: How To Do It Without Fumbling

Social media presents an incredible opportunity for salespeople. It also presents incredible opportunity to fumble. The ability to instantly connect puts a lot of power in reps’ hands, but they need to be thoughtful about how they use it.


Remember me? I’m the salesperson like all the others.

My cat, Lito, has a business card. She is our corporate mascot, and plays a vital role in my office productivity.


Are You A Lead Hunter? If Not, Here's How To Start

When it comes to generating leads, do you consider yourself to be a farmer or a hunter? It actually pays to be a bit of both!


Mastering the Art of Persuasion in 3 Easy Steps

Persuasiveness is an ability most salespeople long for. You may think it’s a natural born gift that some people have and some don’t. However, persuasiveness is something you create; not a trait.

Have You Made Your Prospecting Videos Yet?

As you likely have heard, video can be a powerful tool in getting a prospect’s attention and forging a relationship.

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