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Does Your Pitch Include the 3 P’s of Prospecting?

If you’re new to sales, you’re probably wondering how to develop your pitch. Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson, has some advice. Your pitch should include 3 important ‘P’s.’

What is the key that unlocks the sale?

Is there a one word answer to making more sales happen? YES! Probing? Listening? Presenting? Talking? Assessing? Pain? Objections?
Closing? Manipulating? The key to selling is not probing, listening, presenting, talking, assessing, pain, objections, and especially not manipulating.

How High is this Pivotal Part of Sales on Your Priority List?

Did you know that existing customers are 60% – 70% more likely to buy what you are selling than a potential client is?

Prospects May Misinterpret These Common Phrases

Do your prospects think you’re trustworthy? The answer may surprise you. Only 3% of people consider sales representatives to be trustworthy!

Emphasize This Trait for A Great First Impression

When making a first impression, should you strive to establish yourself as skilled and experienced or likeable and trustworthy?

Avoid These 'Taboos' During First Calls With Prospects

As a consultative sales rep, you’re likely not following a strict script when calling on prospects. So, you need to make the most of each call or meeting and avoid mistakes that could cost you the buyer’s trust.

Do You Have The Sales Trust Factor?

Trust me! I cringe when I hear a professional or salesperson use that offensive phrase. My guard goes up. My intuition kicks in and says, "Danger. danger, pay attention!  If you have to tell me to trust you, I won’t." Trust levels plummet when professionals use that term. Another cringe-worthy offender I should mention is

I’d rather have no advice than bad advice.

I can’t help it. I read some bad sales advice today and I gotta say something. I’ll try to keep it positive, but my tongue is already bleeding from biting it.

How to Improve Your Professionalism

Salespeople, regardless of experience and expertise, likely won’t get far without professionalism.

Active Listening Is A Sales Skill You Must Know

You may have heard of the term “active listening,” but are you really clear on its meaning? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to gain valuable insight that will allow you to demonstrate expertise and win over prospects.

Words That You Should Use In Sales Conversations NOW

Whether on paper or spoken in person, your words have an impact on how others view you and your company.

Don’t just drink the water, eat it!

Ask anyone in New York City why their bagels are the BEST in the world and they’ll say, “It’s the water!”

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