Child's Health Motivates Parents To Buy, And Stay, Organic

Parents' primary motivation in purchasing organic products is health related. Some 55% of parents who buy organic do so because they believe them to be "healthier for me and for my children," according to the Organic Trade Association.  New parents, in particular, are increasingly finding that their newborn serves as the impetus to go organic. They begin to serve it as the child's first meal and gradually increase their commitment as the child grows.Consumer Spending logo

Parents with children under age three are significantly more likely than parents of older children to buy organic products owing to their concern about effects of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics on children" (53%) and "avoidance of highly processed foods" (53%).

On average, one in 10 parents serve exclusively organic foods to their children at each meal, while nearly half serve foods that contain mostly organic products for breakfast (45%), lunch (47%), dinner (47%), and snacks (45%).

Some 13% of parents are considered "organic influencers" who actively seek information about these products and proactively share it with others. However, many parents don't understand what organic means. Less than half understand that "organic food products" (44%) or "organic non-​foods" (37%) do not contain artificial ingredients.

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