Upselling current clients drives revenues for sales teams, but oftentimes only the squeaky wheels or the familiar friendlies get the bulk of your selling time. SalesFuel provides the motivating facts and tools to ensure the accounts that can most impact your bottom line receive proper attention.

Sales triggers – like business expansion plans, upcoming market tests, and changes in key decision makers – are revealed through SalesFuel’s research into specific accounts. SalesFuel researchers update client intelligence every business day with relevant account big data integrated in real-time.


Find profiles, key contacts and vital sales insights on nearly 1,400 of the largest retailers, restaurant chains, franchises, health care facilities and financial corporations in North America at the tip of your finger with SalesFuel. Most of these include specific locations of local operations in each U.S. market.


SalesFuel uses a proprietary model to select prospects that are most like your best accounts based on eight different factors. The model is also customized for your product line. Our lead scoring capabilities identify the most revenue potential, so sales teams won’t waste any precious time on the wrong accounts.

SalesFuel Client Intelligence are available through the SalesFuel APIAdMall for MediaAdMall for Agencies or our application integration partners.