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How will the Sales Coaching Feed improve performance and revenue?
  • CoachFeed identifies each salesperson's in their greatest area of need. Then prescribes developmental sales guidance from the world's leading sales experts: including: Jeffrey Gitomer (The Little Red Book of Selling), Jim Cathcart (Relationship Selling), Brian Tracy (The Psychology of Selling), C. Lee Smith (SalesCred), Tony Alessandra (Collaborative Selling), Jennifer Gitomer (Sales in a NY Minute) and many others.
  • CoachFeed also asks follow-up coaching questions and, optionally, sends the answers to their sales manager.
  • CoachFeed develops their sales competency across many skills including: Closing Skills, Discovery Skills, Objection Handling, Building Sales Credibility, Problem Solving, Competitive Tactics, Time Management, Social Selling, Remote Selling and more.
What is included in each feed?
  • Developmental Sales Coaching Feeds include sales guidance, two coaching questions and a recommended article, video or podcast.
  • Sales Mindset Feeds include personal insight about the salesperson's mindset and two coaching questions.
  • Account-Based Coaching Feeds include research about the prospect, account, category or their competitors, plus two coaching questions related directly to their desired outcome.
  • Coaching questions are designed to be answered in two minutes or less with the results optionally sent to their sales manager for review and follow-up discussion.
How are the feeds delivered to my salespeople? Feeds are delivered via email and the SalesFuel Mobile app. Delivery through Slack and Microsoft Teams in coming 1st Half 2021.
How often are the feeds delivered to my salespeople? The personalized Sales Coaching Feed is delivered once per week. The Sales Mindset Feed is delivered once per week. Account-Based Coaching Feeds are delivered once per week for up to four (4) targeted prospects/accounts.
How will CoachFeed improve soft skills?
  • In addition to sales skills, CoachFeed also identifies and develops crucial soft skills salespeople need in today's marketplace.
  • These include: collaboration, handling rejection, drive, attention to detail, responsiveness, initiative, resilience, consistency/reliability, continuous learning and others.
How will the Sales Mindset Feed improve performance and revenue?
  • CoachFeed increases each salesperson's awareness of their sales mindset based on four scientifically validated psychometric assessments.
  • CoachFeed prescribes strategies to consider from behavioral mastermind and SalesFuel Chief Behavioral Advisor Steven Sisler — along with follow-up coaching questions.
  • CoachFeed identifies and develops several important mindset traits required for success in sales, including: Attitude + Positivity, Motivation, Coachability, Empathy, Beliefs in Company/Product Line/Self, Stress Management,  Working Effectively with Others, Decision-Making and more.
How does Account-Based Coaching improve performance and revenue?
  • Your salesperson select a target account/prospect, plus their desired initiative to complete.
  • CoachFeed prescribes shareable insight for the account/prospect to build sales credibility and improve discovery.
  • Initiatives are: Landing New Business; Growing Existing Accounts; Closing Difficult Sales; Advancing Prospects through the Funnel and Saving At-Risk Accounts. Coaching questions are focused on the initiative, plus (when needed) Delivery After the Sale.
  • Once completed, the salesperson is asked to provide you with the dollar amount of their win and a quick summary of their accomplishment.
How does CoachFeed use brain science?
  • CoachFeed uses four psychometric assessments to determine the greatest areas for potential development of your salespeople. Each assessment provides a different perspective on how each salesperson is naturally 'wired.'
  • These perspectives are: emotion/behavior, temperament, motivation and core values/beliefs.
  • Each assessment also checks-and-balances the others to make it less likely for respondents to throw off their feeds by providing misleading responses.
  • Just as importantly, CoachFeed puts this into the context of the sales position with a fifth instrument — SalesFuel's Sales Competency Assessment.
  • This provides sales managers with the most comprehensive salesperson profile available today for their team.
What other tools does CoachFeed provide sales managers to improve coaching results?
  • The Coaching Session Log enables managers to rate and record 1 on 1 sessions and other coaching sessions for each rep.
  • The Communication Coach provides situational tips to be used with each salesperson so you can be heard when you communicate with them.
  • Favorite Things allows managers to keep track of each reps favorite foods, drinks, hobbies, entertainment and more and use them for motivation.
  • Manager Resources provides a library of executive summaries on sales management, the Manage Smarter podcast, videos and more.