Cold-​Water Surfing, Other Surfing Trends Steer Vacations

From Arctic surfing to women-​only surf weekends, to the surf-​dance craze, here are the most intriguing surfing vacation trends, according to luxury travel magazine Left Field Luxe. "The continuous search for new waves and empty beaches is taking clutch-​committed enthusiasts to a place that some people insist is surfing‰Ûªs next frontier ‰ÛÒ the Arctic," in THE BEST SURFING HOLIDAYS: TRENDS FOR 2015

Arctic Surfing

"There are now at least two surfing schools that offer Arctic Circle surfing," Left Field Luxe reported. "One is the surprisingly beginner-​friendly Unstad Arctic Surf school, which is located in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway, deep into the Arctic Circle, and is the northernmost surfing school in the world. Unstad used to only attract hard-​core surfers, but now families and even complete beginners are being drawn to the remote waters and bleakly beautiful landscape, as well as the added thrills that come from cold-​water surfing."

"Iceland‰Ûªs only surf operator, Arctic Surfers, has also started running pioneering surf and snowboard holidays in Iceland‰Ûªs Arctic Circle. Think: rugged mountains, dramatic fjords, and the icy, crashing Atlantic sea. During these spring-​time package holidays, you get to snowboard right down to the ocean, and then discover new brakes and beaches along the coast."

Surfing and Dancing

"Surfing and dancing have far more in common than it might first appear," according to Left Field Luxe. "Both require flexibility, balance and stamina. Both also require sensitivity to rhythm; while dancers are slaves to music, surfers are slaves to the movement of the waves. So it is about time that experiences combining surf and dance starting coming to the fore."

Surf 'N' Spa

"Luxurious surf breaks are on the rise. Many have a strong spa focus. The Maldives, in particular, is emerging as a luxury surf and spa destination."

Cold-​Water Surfing

"One of the biggest trends in the surfing world right now is cold-​water surfing. The search for new challenges and virgin waves is taking surfers to colder, less familiar territories. Like Norway, Iceland, Scotland and Ireland, as well as more established surfing destinations like Devon ‰ÛÒ only in winter rather than summer or spring."

Charter Boat Surfing

Here's "another trend that follows the theme of surfers hunting for increasingly remote breaks. Charter boats can take you to the best waves far off the beaten track ‰ÛÒ dropping you off on uninhabited stretches of coast or Robinson Crusoe islands, so you can enjoy your surf sessions in complete solitude."

Girls-​Only Surfing

"The drive to get more women into surfing continues, and the list of female-​only surfing weekends and retreats continues to grow," Left Field Luxe reported. "Surf Sistas runs retreats in Cornwall, Wales, France, Bali and Costa Rica, tailored for both beginners and improvers. They also run combined surf & yoga retreats, as well as a unique eight-​day cycle surfari, which has participants cycling across France, from Hossegor to Lacanau in South West France, stopping at various beaches to surf, and set up camp for the night."

"Surf Goddess Retreats runs women-​only surf retreats in Bali, in partnership with the Rip Curl School of Surf with its Australian-​accredited instructors. Accommodation is with ‰ÛÏbarefoot chic‰Û interiors, an open-​air yoga area, a large spa, lush tropical gardens, and a swimming pool."

Surfing in Africa

"Africa is another region of the world which surfers are yet to reach in serious numbers. Africa‰Ûªs under-​explored coastlines have huge potential for surfing, with tremendous breaks that are waiting to be discovered."

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