39% of College Students Like Internet Advertising

An October 2014 Student Monitor survey asked for students‰Ûª preferences in the media through which they learn about products and services. Internet ads got more mentions than TV ads, but not by a wide margin. The real winner was good, old-​fashioned word-​of-​mouth, with 48% of students prefering it.

A new eMarketer report, ‰ÛÏU.S. College Students 101: Updating Fundamental Facts About This Diverse, Digital Cohort," reveals that the highly targeted millennial audience with college degrees will be poised to outearn and outspend non-​college millennials for decades to come.

"An October 2014 Student Monitor survey probed students‰Ûª preferences in the media through which they learn about products and services," eMarketer reports. "Internet ads got more mentions than TV ads, albeit not by a vast margin. Email messaging had a significant constituency, despite the popular notion that young people regard email as hopelessly old-​fashioned. Not registering in double digits were ads in campus or national newspapers, printed catalogs and information on a company‰Ûªs Facebook page."

Methods by Which College Students Prefer to Get Information about Products/​Services, according to Student Monitor:

  • Word-​of-​mouth 48%
  • Ads on the Internet 39%
  • Ads on TV 31%
  • Free samples in a store 29%
  • Information on the Internet 21%
  • Product reviews online 18%
  • Ads on the radio 17%
  • Free gift with a purchase 16%
  • Free samples distributed on campus 16%
  • Ad in magazine 16%

AudienceSCAN results say that soon-​to-​be college graduates enjoy fashion (38%) and traveling to foreign countries (27%). This audience will graduate college within the next 2 years, and 61% of these students are between the ages of 18 and 24 right now. Another 26% are aged 25–34.

They're spending their money in karaoke bars (17% enjoy it) and playing more music in their spare time (22% play instruments). You can also find them in comic book shops, living the Big Bang Theory dream, with 18% of this audience loving to read comics and/​or graphic novels.

College students are into eating out: 37% celebrated Mother's Day at a restaurant; 28% celebrated Valentine's Day at a restaurant or hotel; and 19% celebrated St. Patrick's Day at a restaurant or bar. What else are they prepared to spend money on? Tattoos are in their future: College students are 132% more likely than the average consumer to pay for a tattoo in the coming year.

AudienceSCAN data is available as part of a subscription to AdMall for Agencies. Media companies can access AudienceSCAN data through the Audience Intelligence Reports inåÊAdMall.

Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.