Companies are Struggling with Content Creation

BY Rachel Cagle
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Content creation has been key when crafting messages to target audiences during the COVID-​19 pandemic. Businesses need to get their messages across clearly while both standing out from their competition and personalizing their content to their target customers.

According to a report by Censhare, “As content management becomes a complex and time-​consuming endeavor that puts a strain on internal resources, particularly within marketing teams, their content-​related efforts end up falling short.” In fact, Censhare found that only 48% of marketing teams’ time is spent on content creation and planning. Instead, more than half their time is used for ancillary tasks, such as managing product variants and adapting existing content to suit local needs.

Perhaps this balance of responsibilities could be made more effective if companies outsourced their marketing. Only 21% of businesses currently rely on agencies for content creation, though. This is problematic since Censhare found that, “Agency respondents are twice as likely to report that their clients don’t know where or how to start.”

Large and small businesses are relying on both similar and varying types of content creation to different degrees, according to Censhare.

Large (revenue of more than $50 million):

  • Email: 76%
  • Articles/​Blog Posts: 62%
  • Product Information: 61%
  • Press Releases: 60%

Small (revenue of less than $50 million):

  • Articles/​Blog Posts: 75%
  • Email: 73%
  • Images: 63%
  • Product Information: 60%
  • Paid-​For Advertising (Display/​Social/​Paid Search): 56%

Across most types of content, adoption is higher among large organizations,” says Censhare. “Compared to smaller companies, they are 38% more likely to use printed content (55% vs. 40%) and significantly more likely to produce webinars (36% vs. 21%) and podcasts (19% vs. 9%).”

This is the media businesses are currently using, but are they making the right content creation decisions? To know for sure, check out the audience profile of your client’s/prospect’s target demographic on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. You can learn which advertising media their customers respond to and optimize the time spent creating content.