Buyers have changed the way they buy. Sales Transformation Have your sellers changed the way they sell? Attracting and keeping great people requires a great workplace culture. Culture Transformation How's yours? Talent Development Because the only thing more important than hiring good people is developing them

    Our team of sales transformation consultants have the industry expertise and past experience of training some of the most formative sales teams in the country. They can train on-site, via webinar or both. We have sales training modules and performance grading assessments in place to grade skill attainment successes. Sales transformation training also incorporates a train the trainer methodology for:

    • Prospecting and business development strategies
    • Incremental sales strategies
    • Customer discovery tactics
    • Sales attainment modeling
    • Performance-based incentives

    Workplace culture is what brings your team together and what sets them apart. It's also the kinds of behavior that management is willing to accept — and NOT willing to accept. Because of this, our culture transformation strategies not only focus on leadership, but also your front line managers.

    SalesFuel's workplace culture experts, along with our network of certified executive coaches, will conduct a 360˚ evaluation of your company culture, each manager's team culture and gaps between leadership and employee perception. We then identify key areas of needed improvement and advise best practices, including:

    • Manager development
    • Individualized communication strategies
    • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
    • Opening and maintaining an active employee feedback loop
    • Employee engagement
    • Recognition and rewards

    Talent development is an absolutely essential part to any company's long term success. It enables companies to attract, engage, and retain your best talent and form highly effective teams. Our talent development team also includes highly-skilled and certified experts in:

    • Developing professional competencies
    • Adaptive learning
    • Effective goal setting and motivation
    • Coaching strategies
    • Sales aptitude testing and training
    • Talent assessments and behavioral analysis

Learn how SalesFuel consultants can help you transform your sales team, company culture and, most importantly, your numbers!