Consumer Packaged Goods Marketers to Target Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic consumers now comprise more than 15% of the U.S. population. And they wield plenty of spending power. Some research shops estimate that by next year, Hispanic consumers will spend about $1.2 trillion. Marketers can boost their sales to this demographic by understanding what Hispanic consumers like to buy.

A new study indicates that a majority of Hispanic households are bucking the trend when it comes to purchasing personal care products. While many consumers have shifted to store brand soaps and shower gels, about 64% of Hispanics say they purchase their favorite name brands.  However there is a bit of a difference within the Hispanic demographic. Mintel research shows that 58% of English-​speaking Hispanic households, those who are  more acculturated, have shifted their purchases from favorite brands to more generic brands.

But for Spanish-​dominant Hispanics, brand favorite purchases look like this:

  • Lotions 51%
  • Facial cleansers 27%
  • Toothpaste/​mouthwash 69%

Leylha Ahuile, senior multicultural analyst at Mintel says, "[o]ver the last six years, Hispanics have consistently increased their spending on personal care products.” This has occurred even as 64% of these households are living on a modest income ranging from $25,000-$49,999. However, they are conscious of the need to save money. As a result, they favor purchasing multifunctional products such as shampoo/​conditioners and toothpastes that also whiten.

Marketers can increase sales of their branded products by specifically targeting Hispanic-​speaking households with ad campaigns.

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Kathy Crosett
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