Consumers Embracing Smartphone Trade-​In Options

The awareness and momentum behind smartphone trade-​ins is growing in the U.S.  According to a new NPD Connected Intelligence report, Trade In, Trade Up, Trade Out, more than 60% of smartphone consumers are aware of their trade-​in options for a new device and 55% of them plan to take advantage of it the next time they upgrade. smartphone1

Currently, only 13% of smartphone owners say they traded in their last mobile device, but the growing awareness and trade-​in options have the potential to shift carrier and retailers loyalty.  Among smartphone consumers, 30% said they would switch carriers if a different carrier offered a better trade-​in deal, and almost 62% said they are willing to go to a different retailer (but not necessarily switch carriers) for a better trade-​in price.

Trade-​ins, in their many variations, are the new competitive battlefield for carriers, retailers and OEMs,” said Eddie Hold, vice president of Connected Intelligence. “Consumers are embracing these smartphone trade-​in options and open to alternative models in return for a better trade-​in value. This means that the consumer may not necessarily shop at the carrier store for their next device, but instead may look to big box retailers if the trade-​in price is right”

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[Source:  "Trade In, Trade Up, Trade Out: Connected Intelligence."  The NPD Group.  5 Aug. 2013.  Web.  17 Aug. 2013.]