Consumers Expected to Spend an Average of $762 Per Person on Holiday Travel

According to a new survey from RetailMeNot​.com, holiday travel spending amongst consumers in 2012 could be robust and average $762 per person.

More than 4 in 10 adults typically travel away from home for Thanksgiving (41%) and Christmas (41%).  The majority of adults traveling for the holidays plan to visit family or friends rather than go to a vacation destination. Of those who travel for Thanksgiving, 92% visit with family or friends and 8% actually take a vacation. Of those who travel for Christmas, 88% visit with family or friends and 12% actually take a vacation. 

"It is clear from the survey that some adults avoid travel when possible and often use drastic measures to do so," said Trae Bodge, senior editor, RetailMeNot​.com. "Our survey found more than a quarter (26%) of adults with family who live in other locales have lied to get out of taking a trip to visit their relatives. Nearly 1 in 10 (9%) say they generally spend the holidays at home alone."

Other results include:

  • 50% of adults would spend $500 or more per person on travel-​related costs during the holidays
  • Adult consumers would spend an average of $762 per person on travel during the holidays.
  • When traveling, close to half (47%) of adults find checked baggage fees the most frustrating travel fee, followed by airline fees for flight schedule changes (10%).
  • Citing the financial burden, nearly half of adults (48%) would limit the number or size of gifts they pack for family/​friends to avoid either shipping costs or extra airline luggage fees. 
    • 36% of holiday travelers are willing to pay shipping costs to mail the gifts ahead of time.
    • 16% of travelers would bring all of their presents with them on a flight and pay the extra baggage fees.
  • Despite the considerable cost of travel to visit family and relatives during the holidays, 85% still think that they should still buy their host a gift for the holidays.
[Source:  "Shoppers Trend Report — OctoNovemCember."  RetailMeNot​.com.  24 Oct. 2012.  Web.  26 Oct. 2012.]