Consumers with Large Screen Smartphones Use More Data

As consumers opt for smartphones with larger screens, they are increasing their usage and data consumption. According to a new report from The NPD Group, monthly Wi-​Fi and cellular data consumption on smartphones with screens 4.5 inches and larger is 44% greater than it is on smartphones with screens under 4.5 inches, at 7.2GB and 5.0GB, respectively. cell phone

Smartphone penetration continues to grow as late adopters enter the market and the number of consumers opting for larger screens is growing. According to the Connected IntelligenceConnected Home Report, in Q3 2013, 61% of cell phone subscribers in the U.S. used a smartphone.  Over the past year, the availability of larger smartphones has grown from representing only 11% of retail models at the end of Q3 2012, to 28% at the end of Q3 2013. As the availability of large screen smartphones has grown, so has data usage, which increased 19% in the same time period.

Most of this data consumption on larger phones is coming from greater usage of social media, navigation, video, retail, and music apps. Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, Amazon (retail), and Pandora Radio are the apps most used among consumers with larger phones.

OEMs are poised to continue increasing the product assortment and availability of smartphones with larger screen sizes in the coming years,” said John Buffone, director, devices, Connected Intelligence.  “Even though today larger screens represent a smaller part of the market, their relevance is increasing as consumers look for more ways to interact with content while on-​the-​go.  This is a win, not only for the manufacturers, but also for the carriers as data consumption and usage will keep increasing.”

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