Consumers Seeking More Online Shopping Options for Frequently-​Used Food, Household Products

The 2013 American Pantry Study reveals an unmet demand for online shopping options, particularly for in-​store pickup and at-​home delivery.  While 14% of shoppers surveyed currently buy consumer products online and pick them up in the store, 43% indicate they would like to do so, with strongest demand appearing in food and beverage categories for in-​store pickup. grocery

Approximately one in 10 (11%) survey respondents purchase online with home delivery, and the number rises to 34% among those who would like to do so, primarily for household goods such as laundry soaps and tabletop disposable paper products.

"Consumers are drawn to the convenience of purchasing frequently-​used food, beverage and household items online, and brand preferences will likely extend into their online buying habits," added Conroy.  "Consumer product companies can use mobile and online channels to strengthen the functional and experiential brand attributes that translate into conversion and loyalty. They should consider aligning their digital efforts with consumers' location and context to reach shoppers online and on their phones, blending into their list-​making, meal planning, product and price-​checking, family activities and health and beauty routines.  They may also market channel-​specific product offerings and use these platforms to make product suggestions based on target consumers' prior shopping behaviors."

The latest American Pantry Study also indicates that interest in mobile technology is growing at a higher rate among baby boomers than younger consumers. Nearly one-​quarter (23%) of respondents age 45 to 70 indicate they are interested in using mobile coupons they can scan at the checkout, up from 12% in last year's survey, compared with  a six percentage point increase among respondents age 21 to 29.

Shoppers surveyed are tapping into their smartphones outside the store nearly as often as they do inside the store. Three in 10 (30%) consumers manage a shopping list or recipe while in a store, just three percentage points higher than those who do so offsite during the shopping process.

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