Consumers Still Making Substantial Investment in Aftermarket DSLR Accessories

Even though today's consumers are trying to do more with less, there is still a substantial investment in aftermarket DSLR accessory sales, according to a new report, The 2009 Digital Camera Market Basket Study, by The NPD Group. Consumer Spending logo

While consumers reporting aftermarket camera accessory purchases have declined slightly from 2007, from 62% to 56% in 2009, they still continued to spend about the same proportion as they did in 2007, DSLR buyers spent approximately $1100 on both their cameras and accessories including the initial purchase and in the six months following the camera purchase.  Accessory purchases on top of what was spent in the initial camera purchase accounted for $190, or 17% of that total spend.

Since 2007, the reasons why DSLR consumers purchase aftermarket accessories at a particular retailer have shifted.  In 2009, consumers placed even more importance on getting the best price (57%) and convenience (46%) compared to 2007. Going back to the same retailer as a key motivator declined six points to 20%.

"Retailers have to work harder to earn the loyalty of the DSLR consumers' wallet after the initial sale," said Liz Cutting, director and senior imaging analyst at NPD. "Moving beyond price and into value means providing an exceptional experience that makes consumers want to come back into the store. Providing a comfortable environment for consumers to learn more about their cameras can open their eyes not only to hardware but to new printing opportunities," said Cutting.

"The 2009 Digital Camera Market Basket Study," conducted by The NPD Group, November 11, 2009.  Website: www​.npd​.com.