Content Changes on Horizon for B2B Marketers

If a marketing campaign spends too much time promoting an enterprise’s good and services, customers aren’t impressed. One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers who are trying to generate demand is linked to content problems. A new survey reveals the current state of content ineffectiveness and opportunities for marketers to improve.

Marketing departments may be getting it all wrong when they write ad copy, post to corporate blogs, or put together an email campaign about a new product. Why? Because they are not focusing on how their products and services address the ‘customers’ pain points.’ In a report issued by Corporate Visions, nearly all – 80% — of senior marketing staffers are frustrated by the ineffectiveness of demand generation activities. They say the top reasons these campaigns fail are:

  • Lack of engaging/​provocative content 37%
  • Lack of marketing/​sales alignment 31%
  • Budget constraints 12%
  • Not enough content 9%
  • Lack of executive buy-​in 8%

More bad news comes in the form of the marketing content used by sales professionals. About 2/3’s of salespeople say they don’t even use half of what is produced. This disconnect is a costly problem for enterprises. According to Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions “organizations are facing serious challenges when it comes to creating and executing effective demand generation campaigns.” The findings of this study may prompt some enterprises to change the kind of content they are creating and become more customer-centric.

[Source: Marketing and Sales Messaging. CorporateVisions​.com. 2012. Web. 27 Jul. 2012] 
Kathy Crosett
Kathy is the Vice President of Research for SalesFuel. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and oversees a staff of researchers, writers and content providers for SalesFuel. Previously, she was co-​owner of several small businesses in the health care services sector.