Conversations Can Lead to Sales

Relationships are part of the foundation of sales. Would you buy a product or service from someone you didn't like? Sometimes, out of necessity, the answer may be yes, but when it comes down to it, a good personal connection breeds buying. Bill Rice, blogger at Better Closer, wrote in a recent post about the importance of good conversations, and how these conversations can develop into a lucrative, and personally satisfying, business relationship. He writes: "People would much rather buy things from people they know, even better people they are friends with…Naturally, it follows that the more conversations we have the richer a lot of things will be in our lives, not the least of which is our sales pipeline." When communicating with prospects and clients, can you say that you have good conversations with them? Take the time to really reflect on your professional relationships–Are you never getting a call back from a certain client? Are your messages always generic and stoically to the point? Have you never had a good conversation with this client? If so, these could be reasons why your calls go unanswered. To read some of Rice's tips, click here.

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