Crucial 2020 Holiday Shopping Trends

BY Rachel Cagle
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COVID-​19 can’t put a damper on American’s holiday spirit. Even if the pandemic hasn’t died down by the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. season, consumers still plan on making purchases on par with previous years. However, says Anna Meyer, writing for Inc., there will be a few changes businesses need to make this year that they'll need to promote the heck out of inviting customers to their online store for holiday shopping.

Product Mix

In previous years, holiday shopping for supplies for parties were big sellers during the holiday season. Now, with social distancing efforts in place, gatherings this year will likely be limited to close family and, perhaps, friends. As a result, Meyer writes that food and travel spending are expected to be at an all-​time low this year, while home entertainment spending will be up. Businesses can also expect party supply purchases to be down. Additionally, gift choices are likely to be skewed toward products that can be used in the home, such as tablets, computers and other electronics.

Upgraded Return Policy

Most holiday shopping this year is expected to be done online. “If customers do buy online, they'll likely buy more than what they need since they can't go into the store to try things on or see the product in real life, eventually returning a lot of those items,” says Meyer. As a result, they’ll be returning many of the products they purchase. Return policies have proven to be major influencers of online shopping, so offering free return shipping and timely refunds will work in your client’s favor.

Safe In-​Store Shopping

There are still those who will want to go about their holiday shopping in the traditional brick-​and-​mortar way. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be concerned for their health. Stores can promote the extra steps they’re taking to keep their in-​store shoppers safe, such as mask mandates, one-​way aisles, limited occupancy, and increased sanitation efforts.

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