Are You Cutting Corners to Make Quota?

BY Kathy Crosett
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At some companies, there is the concept of hitting your sales quota, regardless of what it costs you. At other companies, there’s the concept of making quota and making it the right way. Writing for Salesforce, Tony Rodoni explains what salespeople should be doing to reach quota the right way.

As the month ends, and you feel the pressure to close a deal, you might be tempted to operate in a way that doesn’t match your company’s goals or culture. Does this happen to you frequently? Maybe your organization has a prohibition against ‘gifting’ prospects to close a deal. And, maybe you gave a prospect tickets to a concert you know they want to attend. Sure, you have a signed contract as a result of your 'gift.' You also have a problem.

This kind of behavior demonstrates that you can bring in deals. It also demonstrates that you can’t operate within the rules. Your manager likely won’t keep or promote you if you keep cutting corners.

A better way to meet quota is to change strategies. Step back from your day to day activities and ask why you are always in the position of rushing to close deals at the end of a quota period. Is disorganization part of your problem? Could you use internal tools, like a CRM system to plan your month and track your progress?

Maybe you need to spend more time learning the product. A good understanding of what you’re selling will help you link specific benefits to your prospects’ needs. If that’s the case, arrange to spend more time training on and using the product.

And then there’s your sales technique. Maybe you’re not doing things ‘right,’ because you never perfected the art of negotiating or the steps that lead up to closing a deal. If that’s the situation you’re in, ask your manager for coaching on specific parts of your sales technique. You know you can make quota. Now, go out there and do it the right way.