Dell’s Rebranding Campaign Signals New Competition for PC Superiority

Years ago, Dell made a name for itself by using  a tagline that went along the lines of something like “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.” The company went on to become number 3 in the world of personal computer sales. But rapidly changing technology and increased competition have pressured Dell. To reposition itself, the company has started a new marketing campaign this fall. It will spend ‘hundreds of millions’ of dollars to familiarize consumers with its product line and its new tagline “You can tell it’s Dell.”

The company is also moving away from a previous focus on price and value. According to Liz Matthews, Global Director of Dell’s Consumer Brand business, “[w]e wanted to show that our technology enables something important—relationships—and forge an emotional connection with viewers.” The company is also targeting 4 core groups perceived to be likely to purchase its products. These include families with children, professionals, Generation Y teens and twentysomethings, and video game enthusiasts.

Like many PC manufacturers, think Apple, Dell has moved into related hardware lines. The company has just introduced a laptop that consumers can turn into a tablet computer  and a laptop computer that comes with JBL speakers. Other products include smartphones and tablets.  The company is competing head on with Apple but Apple’s CEO has noted that the new tablets coming on the market, especially the products with a 7‑inch screen, “are going to be DOA, dead on arrival.”

It’s too soon to tell whether Dell’s efforts will result in winning over consumers who have notable Apple allegiance but companies in this technology space appear committed to spending significant marketing sums to advance to the number one market position.

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Kathy Crosett
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