On-​Demand Economy Infiltrating More Products & Services: Explosion of Podcasts, Prepared Foods and Playstation Revealed in new SalesFuel® AudienceSCAN® Research

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They want what they want WHEN they want it, HOW they want it and NOW. That’s what the results of SalesFuel’s exclusive AudienceSCAN® research are finding among U.S. consumers across an increasing number of sectors. Now in its 9th year, AudienceSCAN is SalesFuel’s proprietary annual study of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision makers across America. 

This year, more than 14,000 U.S. consumers completed the AudienceSCAN survey, resulting in the profiling of more than 1,450 customer groups – including more than 70 new profiles. These profiles offer details on the group’s shopping behavior, purchase intent, digital and technology usage, health and wellness concerns, automotive preferences, leisure interests, dining habits and more. 

This year’s data indicates immediacy and on-​demand is what a growing number of consumers want across more and more sectors,” says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “The digital age demands it and the future purchase intent bears that out.”

The purchase intent data in AudienceSCAN is useful to businesses seeking a reliable, accurate predictor of consumer purchases of products and/​or services in the next 12 months. Business development specialists are using AudienceSCAN to identify new markets, new opportunities and new channel partners. Marketers can also use AudienceSCAN data to reach the consumers who count (instead of counting the consumers they reach), while crafting impactful messages targeting consumers who are most likely to buy. 

New audiences and some interesting data points added in 2018 include:

• Podcast listeners. The explosion of podcasts, networks and platforms reinforces the ever-​expanding habits of on-​demand media via multiple platforms and technologies. New data shows listener patterns and advertising opportunities/​frequencies is cresting among young people, with more than a quarter of the audience between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.
• Prepared Supermarket Meal Shoppers. Who doesn’t want to cook but wants a full-​service meal to grab and go? Data shows more men than women are taking advantage of this growing revenue segment in the grocery industry’s existing brick and mortar stores. The most frequent consumers of these types of meals are consumers ages 25 to 34.
• BirdEye Users are growing in number with folks wanting to constantly manage their online footprint and reputation in real time. More than 40% of the total audience is affluent, earning at least $100,000 in annual household income. BirdEye drives your customers to become your marketing engine by managing online reviews to improve online reputation for a better customer experience.
• PlayStation Vue Watchers. This new sports, news and popular shows viewing outlet joins Netflix and Hulu’s direct comp set. Who are Vue’s viewers? AudienceSCAN shows they’re 67% male and the highest percentage of users are between 17 and 24 years old.
• Generation Z. On-​demand transportation/​ride-​sharing may be affecting this group. Automotive folks, meet your next big challenge. The newest category of emerging consumers, born between 1995 and 2010, are 148% more likely than all other U.S. adults to NOT own a car. That’s 33.7% of this audience! They’re also not all that interested in fitness; they’re 12% LESS likely to be members of a gym.
Smith adds, “From downloading a podcast to walking out of a grocery store with a complete dinner to firing up their PlayStation to watch the big game, the way shoppers are consuming a wider range of products and services is rapidly changing, driven by technology, alternative platforms, portability and immediate availability. Businesses that aren’t modifying their delivery models to accommodate this are at risk.”

AudienceSCAN digital market segmentation is available through the SalesFuel API and AdMall for Media and Agencies. Contact us here for more information​.To learn more, visit http://​salesfuel​.com/​a​u​d​i​e​n​c​e​s​c​an/
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