Demographics of Hispanic women

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As you work with clients to sell to emerging majorities, keep in mind that 2/3’s of Hispanic population growth comes through birth rather than immigration. With Hispanics now comprising 15% of the total population, marketers and agencies should craft campaigns targeting this demographic. However, key differences exist between native-born and immigrant Hispanic women:

  • 63% of immigrant women are married while only 44% of native-born women are married.
  • Native-born women earn nearly $140 more a week, a total of $540, than immigrant women.
  • Only 35% of immigrant women are unmarried at the time of childbirth while 50% of native-born women are unmarried at the time of childbirth.
  • Just under half of immigrant women have less than a high school education but just under half of native-born women have at least some college education.

Share these differences with your clients and adjust ad campaign details appropriately.

Source: Pew Research, May 2008

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