Dental Implant Company Buys $48,000 Ad Campaign Thanks to AdMall’s Co-​op Report

Cameron Saylor Dental Implant

Challenge: Increase the dental implant’s ad spend without cutting into their bottom line

Cameron Saylor, an account executive for Effectv, has been selling media for almost four years and, for three of those years, has been using AdMall. For his approach with a local dental implant business, he wanted to find a unique way to fit their advertising needs.

This dental implant center specializes in dental implants, and the owner is very busy in surgery all day, and relies on the agency to handle marketing,” said Saylor. “They were trying to increase marketing spend without cutting into their bottom line. That’s when I introduced the idea of using co-​op dollars to offset their marketing expense. The agency is very new and hasn’t had any previous experience with co-​op in the past.”

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s Co-​op intelligence reports

Saylor’s favorite part of AdMall is the AudienceSCAN report, and he felt a specific question on that report, combined with a Co-​op intelligence report would be the best path to take for the dental implant business’s advertising plan.

AdMall provides a list of co-​op opportunities and ways to engage the client to explore those opportunities,” said Saylor. “And I used the AudienceSCAN marketing report to show advertising response as well as time spent with TV/​OTT.” 

The dental implant center had been an existing client of Saylor’s, which is why they were willing to take a chance on his new approach to their advertising campaign. Since he was using co-​op advertising funds as the centerpiece of his pitch, he knew that being able to save them some money would be a great way to get them to believe in what he was selling.

Result: A big sale and an impressed client

The dental implant business bought OTT, as well as linear TV spots on cable, and they spent $48,000 on the campaign,” said Saylor. “The client has seen a large increase in growth since starting their TV/​OTT campaign and the added co-​op should make an even larger difference.” 

There wasn’t any specific section of the co-​op report that pushed them over the finish line, but rather the entire report as a whole,” said Saylor. “As previously mentioned, the agency was new to co-​op, so they really appreciated that I brought so much value to them with all of the capabilities that co-​op offers and the ease of processing their co-​op claim.” 

Saylor’s AdMall expertise has come from attending multiple webinars and working towards his AdMall certification. He recommends AdMall to other sales reps who are not using it as much as they should because of its ease of use and how it can help a rep present themselves to a client.

There are millions of dollars in co-​op advertising support available every year and users of AdMall should be checking the trending section on the featured page of AdMall to quickly check co-​op opportunities that are promoting special items for bonus co-​op percentages.

AdMall's intelligence system is used by thousands of U.S. media properties, from cable companies and newspapers to local TV, billboard, and cinema companies. It also includes manufacturer co-​op funding information. Through the shared-​cost advertising vehicle of co-​op funding, media sales reps encourage local dealers to create ad campaigns featuring vendor products, especially when there are limited-​time promotions and new product introductions.

We maintain a database of detailed co-​op funding/​market development programs for over 10,000 brands. There is no cost for vendors to have their co-​op advertising program details listed in the AdMall intelligence system. When vendors share their co-​op plan with AdMall, their local dealers can have the kind of success experienced by this beauty salon and this window treatment retailer.

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro is the Director of Client Success for SalesFuel. He is responsible for the onboarding of all new AdMall clients, aids in client training and writes for Media Sales Today. He holds a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University.